I want to stay in out of the cold and write today. Tackle my never ending stressors associated with my medical bills. I want to squarely face the mountain. But on a day off I sleep. I slept on my long weekend. But it’s time to take the dogs out. I’m becoming more concerned that the joy from that is vanishing. I’m becoming a hibernating, closeted individual due to my health issues.

Last week my entire closet shelving fell from the weight I placed on it. I left the entire mess on the bottom of the closet floor for three days, rooting out whatever sweater I wanted to wear with my one pair of pants that I could find. It felt like too much hassle. Too much work. I wanted to sleep.

Once I rallied into positive thinking, I was able to tackle that closet. I purged the items I never wear. I shared clothes with friends. I created a space that I love. My closet has a seat in it. It’s large enough to dress in there. So, I made it into a meditation room. Added a few comfy blankets, my Bible and notebook. I retreat in there every morning. No one can touch me in there. Except my budding relationship with God and my heart.

Turning crashed closets into fervent prayer. For my wellness. For others.

#namaste #prayerwarrior