I know how important voting is and that it’s a privilege to be able to vote (specially being a woman) but this election has been a huge trigger for me. My abuser was always very head strong and out spoken about his political views and opinions and whenever a president was elected he didn’t think should be in office it was like the end of the world (literally) so then he would talk about all the bad things that were going to happen to the world and people. It Used to keep me up at night as a kid worried about things my little mind couldn’t comprehend. Anyways I just have found this election to be a huge trigger for me and has given me a lot of anxiety To hear people talk about and post on social media. I had to stop watching the news. Weird how something so simple can be such big triggers for people with bpd. But I am feeling a lot of love in my heart today regardless. #prayingforpeaceandlove #nomatterwhat #BPDtriggers #TryingToStayPositive