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BPD and repetitive noises #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDtriggers

I have experience extreme sensitivity to loud and receptive noises for a long time. But I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced hearing a repetitive train track sort of noise? When I was younger it would start off very very slow and it would build up until the sound was going so fast it made me feel disoriented. As I got older this seemed to get better but if I listen to certain sounds I get triggered. Especially with loud repetitive sounds. Anyone else experienced something similar? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #triggers



I know how important voting is and that it’s a privilege to be able to vote (specially being a woman) but this election has been a huge trigger for me. My abuser was always very head strong and out spoken about his political views and opinions and whenever a president was elected he didn’t think should be in office it was like the end of the world (literally) so then he would talk about all the bad things that were going to happen to the world and people. It Used to keep me up at night as a kid worried about things my little mind couldn’t comprehend. Anyways I just have found this election to be a huge trigger for me and has given me a lot of anxiety To hear people talk about and post on social media. I had to stop watching the news. Weird how something so simple can be such big triggers for people with bpd. But I am feeling a lot of love in my heart today regardless. #prayingforpeaceandlove #nomatterwhat #BPDtriggers #TryingToStayPositive


What is happening to me #BPDtriggers

I don’t know what’s happening to me. My sister is crying due to her insecurities. I feel like I want to comfort her but something inside my mind said “No” I hate this feeling where I tend to hurt someone that I love ☹️ But I know I need to comfort her but I dont. What is happening to me? Why am I becoming a cruel person ? 😞😞😞


#BPD #BPDtriggers #numbness #selfloathing #Guilt #Relationships

I have had so many bad relationships but I still do not know the signs of a wrong guy. I am scared to get into a relationship because may be if he sees me bare, this relationship will also go bad.

It’s been 2 years since I know I have bpd and just 2 months back I read somewhere that I need to know my triggers. I seriously have just started making a list. And I met him. I don’t want him to go but if he stays, he will hate me too. And I did see a glimpse of it today. I fought with him. Why? One valid and one invalid trigger. Turns out, disrespectfulness towards any women makes me crazy. The invalid trigger was abandonment. Even though he’s not leaving...In that moment of weakness when I expected him to say “I see you bare and I won’t run away”, he said “maybe”. That maybe hit me like a wrecking ball. I hurt him back with all my anger.

After all this, he still said “let’s take one day at a time”. Should I run away so that I am not reason he gets hurt again?


Missunderstood/ Always the problem.

So tired of feel like I work circles around trying to keep my self calm threw a day, always thinking about ways to fix tomorrow's next blow up, but it dosnt just depend on me, I feel like every one plays into my anger, even if its to spike it! I feel like they look for the episodes sometimes, cause no matter how many times I discuss way to avoid it.. They never listen, and do the same thing the next time, and wonder why they got the out come they did! They make me feel like I'm crazy, they make me feel like I'll never be okay. They treat me as if I can change something I can't always change, especially with a bad situation to start the episode. They will keep it going, literally tell I can't control my self sometimes. I have a drug abusing problem, I feel like I will never truly be clean trying to deal with every one else's demons as well as my own. #bpdisexhaustin #bpdnightmare #bpdandmeth #boarderlinepersonalitydisorder #BPDtriggers

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Does anyone else with BPD struggle with extreme anger and rage? Help

I’ve always tried to be a positive person but am no longer able to maintain that. I’m angry all the time at everyone and everything. I need help badly to stop being like this. I’m really hating myself and feel very out of control. Can anyone relate and help? #erlinePersonalityDisorder # #Bo #BPD #anger #anger issues #Rage #raging #MentalHealth #struggles #Bpdisexhausting #bpdsymptoms #BPD #BPDtriggers #Bpdsucks



#CheerMeOn #BorderlinePersonalityDisorderBPD I am doing a little better each day I am not an #attentionseeker I beat myself up for all the words that come from my mouth I have many #BPDtriggers Just trying daily not to lose a loved one who does not understand but simply from lack of knowledge