I've lived with Kartagener's Syndrome and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia since birth. It's akin to battling Covid, the flu, and pneumonia daily! For years, I kept this struggle hidden until I reached the milestone age of 50. That's when I decided to open up about my condition. It marked a significant turning point in coping with an incurable disease that has been with me since birth.

I've now started a site for this rare disease and a blog. Time to share what it's like to live with something every day. Not something you just got diagnosed with as an adult. It's very different. I've never known what it's been like to be "healthy." Only what it's like to have a cold for all of your life and listen to people say how horrid having a cold or flu is or how terrible Covid was. My life isn't terrible so I wish people would stop saying when they're sick it was so terrible. That's why I knew it was important to start sharing my story.

#MightyTogether #RareDisease