NOTE: This is part 2 of my previous post about the relationship between my disease (Tuberous Sclerosis and Singing)

I've been thinking. These last 2 years I've been building something I never had in my life. I think I should be happy...but I am not sure I am...I think I feel a little pain here inside. My mother always keeps on asking me to help her in her house but now I am making music in my home studio and singing at the same time, I'm composing. Guys it's really crazy, I never knew I could reach this point but I do feel that I am not giving my mother credit anymore and it hurts so much deep inside my heart. Eveen my brother now also tries to stop me to sing because of his studies. But the thing is...I am lost!! I don't feel capable of organizing myself anymore so I try everytime I can but not always feel welcomed, that hurts as well. I also feel like I am gonna have some Alzheimer issue because I already have 34 years old and I already forget almost everything except my mother and my music. I just can't imagine what's it gonna be when I'm 70. It scares me.

I was only a singer previously, now I am a producer and composer as well, so as you can see, I've been extremelly busy
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