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Steer clear from this non-profit

Project Li. of Greater Bergen C. Needs a new director

#News Project Lit.of Greater Bergen county needs to redeem their image. I was a donator but no more. Are they all as foul-mouthed as the disheveled man, Chris Stout so-called director of that non-profit, who was cursing at a woman at a Kentucky Derby party at The Meadowlands on 5/7? Pledge your money somewhere else. That non-profit is disgusting.

C. Ainsley #project Literacy of Greater Bergen County


Disability Culture Stories Project

Disability Culture Stories Project!

We are three college seniors and for our Senior Seminar Project, we are creating a documentary exploring the depths of disability culture.

We would love to hear over Zoom interview stories you may have and visuals! :) Please comment if interested in an interview to help! #Disability   #Awareness   #Documentary   #interview #project

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My Story Isnt Over #project

I've cried many days, saying I'm done
That life is pointless, I shouldnt have one

I hold the knife's sharp edge over my skin
As I feel nothing but coldness within

But then the light shines into
And gifts me my breakthrough

I'm alive today because of Gods love
And as his daughter, I'll put on my gloves

I fight because I've been through it all
My battles are my blessings & not my downfall

I have MILES TO GO on my journey
And therefore I celebrate my victories

The SEMICOLON represents my decision
To combat suicide, depression & my addictions

Many a times I could have ended my life
But today, I thank God that I survived


help for a project and recovering

Hi mighty! I am recovering from a dca and depression and as project for myself to keeping me a little bit better I am starting an illustration project, if you want to share with me your story (any) about what's happened\happening in your life in a particular moment or in general, how you are getting/got through and, if you got lucky, how you survived to, I am going to put that on paper and collect in a portfolio. It is going to be anonimous and it could help me a lot to have a view about how I am not so lonely in difficulties. When I'll finish I am going to link the URL with the work. I don't know if I can share my email here so if someone from the mighty can confirm I will add! So you don't have to write here! Wish you the best! #project