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Wulff system

So I'm gonna be in the process of creating somewhat of a video diary to track my journey with DID on FB. I hope to capture my alters on video so that 1. I have a record of when I switch 2. Educate people about DID. If any of you would be interested in watching please don't hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook at the Wulff System. Leave me a message on messenger and I'll add you directly just to limit spammers and ridiculous "miracle cures".
#DID #DissociationDisorders #Awareness #videodiary

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quote of the day 🌚

When I was younger I used to collect quotes like this one (and I particularly liked Jim Morrison's).

I don't think general quotes can work magically or for anyone, but I do believe they can hide hints inside of them.

I always find them inspirational, even when I don't think they fit for me.

"If you don't control your mind, someone else will."

What do you think about this? :)

#mind #Awareness #jimmorrison #Quotes

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freely writing what comes to mind as a way to know what's on my mind 🖋️

Writing with no filters apart from my own artistic means as my only way to have a clue about what's really going on inside of me.

I have a hole in my mind and have no clues what's going on there and I'm only at the beginning of the process to reach it.


love myself
kept me company
there's detachment inside of me
I've killed
So what am I?
oblivion of my past
the many millions versions
the desire to be with you
Has it always been me?
just me and only me
my ego my will my life
back at my core
should never forget you
my confusion healing me
my little friends
I'm back at you again
wrappes by placid me
Taking care of you all.
I'll come to love you.

#Writing #oblivion #mind #Awareness #Understanding #Poetry

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National Brain Injury Awareness Month #BrainInjury #Awareness #MightyTogether #MentalHealth

Surviving trauma is not easy
Surviving trauma takes a determined mind
Surviving trauma is falling down
Surviving trauma is getting back up
Surviving trauma is accepting change
Surviving trauma is accepting a helping hand
Surviving trauma is sharing pain
Surviving trauma is forgiving yourself

September 04,2017
It has been eight months since my accident. I am learning to live with the loss of some peripheral and blurred vision, constant headaches, confusion, dizziness, mobility restrictions in both shoulders and memory loss. Being aware of every new pain or numbness and wondering is this because of the injury or nothing and it will pass.
The memory loss is the hardest to deal with. Having a conversation, going to a movie or sharing a moment and knowing that in a week you may not remember some of what happened and in a couple weeks you may not remember it happening at all. It's not all bad, I don't remember what things taste like, so anything I eat now is like it's the first time. Imagine what it would be like to have chocolate ice cream or pep/mushroom pizza for the first time at 55. The short term memory loss has forced me into being more organized and I can't procrastinate, so I have that going for me.
A brain injury means I don't drive, I don't do the job I loved. I do take things slower, I live in the moment and that's not so bad.

September 04,2023
80 months since my accident, so many changes. Now on disability, lost our home, lost Brandy. Once again we are starting over, no not starting over, getting back up after being knocked down and without brushing of the dirt we are back in the batters box. Give us your best pitch we can take it.

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I’m new and I’m excited!

What’s in my mind, interacting with others that see the world n feel like me. The world can be grey , and a mix of beautiful colors. We are unique and yea, we are different THANK goodness for that!!! Because we are unique n yet understand what’s inside our head, body a and soul n we don’t #judge #MentalHealth #Awareness #TheMighty .com we are beautiful!!!!

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