Hi all and thanks for accepting me onto this group. I’m here as I have searched the internet high and low for an answer which the doctors can’t find. Dad has been diagnosed with Depression and sever anxiety. The doctors are pumping his body with a concoction of pills and every doctor has his own versions of a solution. His drug doses have been up and down and nothing is having a positive effect. Am I the only person who feels as if the doctors just prescribe you with something new just to get you out of the hospital.

I’m looking for advice on a medication/alternative medicine that the doctors haven’t offered. Something that actually works.

Netflix released a program last year about the use of ‘Psilocybin’ which had a very possible effect. Is this purchasable. What’s everyone thoughts on it?

…I’m eager to start this conversation…. 🤞🏻😁 #psilocybin #Depression #severeanxiety