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    Nothing in life is easy. Don't waste time for #Magic to happen. Live life the why you want. You can do anything you put your mind to. Don't be scared to ask for help or try. "Things come to people that wait". That quote is kind of bull shit. You have to work and do things and try at least. If you sit around waiting for your dreams to come true. You are just wasting your time. Nothing is easy of course. Just keep the faith and hope..I wasted a lot of time. Not knowing about supports in my city. You dont need to a lot to be happy in life. Remmeber it's the small things. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #Depression

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    Depression Bed

    I want to come up with a “Depression Bed” all you would have to do is come up with enough energy to press a button and whammo your out of bed! #help getting out of bed #Magic way to get out if bed. #Depression eject #Too tired to move

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    mental magic WOW

    open mind

    open heart


    our dreams DO fly :)

    thank-you :)


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    WandaVision - collective grief and emerging stronger

    Like many people, I really enjoyed WandaVision — its exploration of how grief and trauma get processed and how that's different for every person.

    A recent article (from The Mary Sue) brought up the show as a metaphor for the collective grief we all feel for pre-pandemic life, and the ways that we make our own bubble-worlds. It's coping but also denying the catharsis in some ways, so a mixed bag.

    It's been so easy to fantasize about getting "back to normal" soon, but now I'm thinking about ways to emerge (like Wanda) better and more powerful than before! #Grief #Magic #catharsis #Metamorphisis

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    Magic in the city #Magic

    A couple of years ago I walked around the man-made lake I live next to. It was at dusk and I took this picture.
    I live in Amsterdam and even in the city you find magical places.


    Autism: Our Journey #Autism #Awareness #Amazing #Magic

    This is my husband sharing a little about our journey and being parents of a son on the autism spectrum. In addition to being an amazing human, he’s also an incredibly talented magician. Since April is Autism Awareness Month, I wanted to share.