Adrian, my youngest son is complaining of teeth pain. He cannot eat, or afraid to eat. He tries to describe the gnawing stretching pain on his gums. It is expected when they change and screw your braces every 6 weeks but for Adrian it’s like first time all the time. Pain killers etc to help his pain. He is now ok. After buying ice cream through the wet night.
My mind was with my eldest, Alan. It’s a month before he died by suicide and I was bombarded with blame-thoughts again— He told me that he was in pain, he has headache, leg pain and teeth pain. He loves food but now he can’t eat because of his braces. I saw his text message to a friend , “the one thing that’s left that makes me happy, has been taken away, that’s eating”. That hurts. I feel like O am drowning in my grief again. I can feel the prick on my chest, again. I am fighting. My son is happier now. He is in a more peaceful place. I will focus on that.