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    Another update #ChronicFatigue #Fibromyalgia #Costochondritis #Fainting

    I went to the ER last Friday. I fainted twice Thursday night, probably hit my head on the heater and it was also vinyl hardwood. Roommate said the fridge was pulled out, I was trying to get a drink. When I sat up, the trash can was pushed back a couple feet. The ER did a CT scan, it was clean. All tests were. I got Tylenol and an Ativan because I was scared with the CT scan and hospitals are extremely triggering. They did prescribe anything. They did not look at that back of my head even though it hurt like hell. They didn't even check my eyes. The headache only let up yesterday. I know this may be POTS or something. They want me to wear a heart monitor as well.
    Monday, the doctors appointment was telehealth and I don't drive and the local disability bus is having more delays and with how sick I've been it's impossible. She refused to listen tho. She refused to listen about what wasn't working. She told me to go back to the ED. I said something similar to this: I seriously was debating ending my life due to pain and the treatment I've been receiving. Got cut off here and was told: are you threatening suicide? I will call the cops.
    I said no. I'm safe. I have a lot of things going on. She also didn't mention any of the ED notes or anything I told the nurse, the appointment was about 5min.
    My psychiatrists medical assistant was confused as to how that was a threat. I also fired my counselor yesterday due to him on Monday flat out ignoring a trigger then saying he only does 12 sessions but gave me more. Sunday had stuff happen too but I don't want to get into it.
    It's been trainwreck after trainwreck going on two weeks now. Mom, dad and brother also have covid. I don't live with them or am near them.
    #SuicidalIdeation #SuicidalThoughts #MajorDepression #ChronicAnxiety #CPTSD #Autism #ChronicPain #help #PanicDisorder #MedicalTrauma

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    Need some prayer for this pain to go away.

    Weather is really giving me nerve pain and a headache could really use some prayer 🙌❤️☹️

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    Having people that listen and respect us is so helpful and encouraging, so much better than having people who judge, or try to fix us!

    I am blessed to have people in my life that are there for me, sometimes just listening and asking what they can do for me, telling me that I’m not alone, letting me know they’ll be there for me, and they love me … but what can really help us feel better about ourselves is when they just say they’re proud of us. Wonderful people in our lives can regularly remind us about everything we’re going through and how amazingly well we are handling ourselves. They can acknowledge us for what we ARE doing even when we can only see and judge ourselves for the things we’re NOT doing. Sometimes they can be there just to listen to us, sometimes they can help us get our minds off all we’re going through by lightening up the conversation and not allow us to get caught in a loop of feeling sorry for ourselves.

    But we definitely can’t do this alone, things can appear insurmountable or overwhelming but if we’re lucky we have people who believe in us and are there for us when we just need them to listen and let us get our fears out in the open and talk about our pain. People can help us if they just say they feel for us and wish they could make us feel better. What I don’t think they realize is that by simply being there to walk by our side they ARE making us feel better!

    You can expand your network of support by getting up the courage and then tell people that are close to you (that don’t already know) what you are dealing with, sharing what is really happening and what you are going through and then tell them how they can help. I have found most people want to help and if they decline I try not to take it personally. It’s worth the risk to get crucial support

    #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #PeripheralNeuropathy #Migraine #Headache #COVID19 #Disability #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #Bipolar2Disorder BipolarDepression #Addiction #AddictionRecovery #HIVAIDS #longtermsurvivor #Shingles #Bronchitis #Pneumonia #PTSD #Selflove #Selfcare #strength #MightyMinute #IfYouFeelHopeless #Hope #MentalHealthHero #MightyTogether

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    What are you grateful for? What can you be thankful for to keep you holding on during tough times?

    Please let's all share our blessings in life that we are thankful for. In
    dark and trying times (like right now), I try to always remember the things I am grateful for and remind myself that without any/all of them my life could be much less manageable

    I am grateful for:

    -Being alive!
    -Being able to walk, even if I need mobility devices
    -Having a roof over my head
    -Having food on the table
    -Having great doctors, nurses, my therapist, my shrink, numerous specialists and my clinic - and having the insurance to pay for them - as well as insurance to pay for my many medications!
    -Having a strong network of family and friends and always being able to know that I am loved and supported ...and
    -Having my relative health - things could always be worse!

    What are you thankful for?

    Maybe thank someone who you are grateful for and let them know how helpful they are and how much it means to you to have their support. Sometimes people don’t know how much they impact other’s lives!

    #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Chronicpainwarrior #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Bipolar1Disorder #Stigma #BipolarDepression
    #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #ADHD #Autism #Dementia #Addiction #AddictionRecovery #BrainInjury #LossOfAParent #Grief #SuicideSurvivors #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #HIVAIDS #longtermsurvivor #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #MightyQuestions #DownSyndrome #IfYouFeelHopeless #Hope #Deaf #CongestiveHeartFailure #Migraine #COVID19 #PeripheralNeuropathy #LymeDisease #Diabetes #EatingDisorders #Headache #Stroke #help #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Fibromyalgia #thankful #grateful #EatingDisorders #CocaineDependence #drugaddict #PTSD #EmotionalHealth #physicalhealth #PainAcceptance #Acceptance #relief #Happiness #TheMighty #MightyMinute #MightyTogether #DistractMe #MightyTogether #mentalhealthwarrior #RareDisease #ChronicFatigue

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    Deja vu or anxiety with stress I am loop that me miserable

    I was experience deja vu or anxiety I don't know everything I doing daily basis recently I getting future visions of accidents of my dog missing on while going walking I am shut down while my dog running away and route I walk with him I experience like I seen this before and little visions with blur and more about my next depression hell visions.And having daily headache or tension headaches and rumination and dissociation and imagination arugement and self negative talk few I don't absorb and sleep disturb between middle of night. Please help ,this was more like painful or self gaslight myself if I don't know what happening.

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    Todays pain.

    #CRPS ...I actually had a great morning. Sun was out, arm felt pretty good, pain was low (for me that is!), and hubby is home! Around 2:30...it all went to hell. Not unexpected because I'm dealing with 2 newish things. 1. Occipital headaches on left side. Doing PT and scheduled to try trigger point injections. Very hopeful. 2. Mr crps wrist,right of course, will no liner lay flat when i put hand flat. Feels like its twisting. Ortho won't see me...great. pain doc and I communicated and referred me to my primary with a scan on it to be done. I have primary appointment in a week. I'm thinking its time for rhuematologist???? The fear of losing total use of wrist is overwhelming. Yes, i am aware it could happen. I have been working hard on keeping the arm lose and flexible. I know I am losing that battle. Then I picked up something kitty knocked over..not smart as it was heavier than I can handle. Now the pain is over top, headache kicked with pain. I'm curled up in my cocoon of blankets trying to be warm. Nightly ritual. I'm overwhelmed, hurting and tired. Too much to think about. Know tomorrow will be better...here's hoping. Thanks for listening/reading. Needed a safe place to spill this out. God love ya all!

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    Prevalence of POTS Symptoms

    What POTS symptoms do you experience? Share your experience in the comments. ⁠

    Prevalence of POTS symptoms⁠:

    Lightheadedness (99%)⁠

    Tachycardia (97%)⁠

    Presyncope (94%)⁠

    Headache (94%)⁠

    Difficulty concentrating (94%)⁠

    Nausea (90%)⁠

    Shortness of breath (88%)⁠

    Palpitations (87%)⁠

    Memory problems (87%)⁠

    Muscle pains (84%)⁠

    Foot coldness (84%)⁠

    Stomach pains (83%)⁠

    Muscle weakness (83%)⁠

    Hand coldness (82%)⁠

    Chest pain (79%)⁠

    Bloating (79%)⁠

    Tremulousness (78%)⁠

    Hand tingling (76%)⁠

    Blurred vision (75%)⁠

    Low blood pressure (71%)⁠

    Constipation (71%)⁠

    Diarrhea (69%)⁠

    Skin flushing (69%)⁠

    Frequent urination (68%)⁠

    Foot tingling (67%)⁠

    Dry mouth (66%)⁠

    Hand numbness (65%)⁠

    Dry eyes (60%)⁠

    Foot numbness (58%)⁠

    Syncope (36%)⁠

    Source: onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/joim.12895

    #Dysautonomia #POTS

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    I’m so sick of thinking of all the negative bullcrap pretty much every day | TW swearing #venting

    There’s just so many things wrong with this damn planet. My mind decides to go through all the bullshit and how I think about it/respond to it nearly every morning and nearly every afternoon, and it’s driving me crazy.

    Most folk drive me crazy. I believe that most folk are terrible, ignorant, gatekeepers, hyprocrites when they say that they support others, hypocrites when they say that others can be themselves, and find anything they don’t see in their eye “normal” a stigma, weird, a disorder, or “cringe” (I despise that word especially), and no one can convince me otherwise because I can’t trust most folk because of what I’ve witnessed… I’m sorry.

    It’s causing me a headache now which I didn’t fucking ask for. Oh well.

    #Anxiety #MyAutismIsNotADisorder #SocialAnxiety #anger #Society #Ugh

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