Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could help me… I tested + for covid 1/6 and had a severe case of it… I am still on leave from work. I have had heart issues plus the breathing of course and severe leg pain. I was on prednisone 26 days and 3 rounds of antibiotics. The severe leg pain improved while on prednisone so maybe it is myositis? I was so slow at getting better that my dr tested me for autoimmune and my ANA and RNP were both +. I know that is mixed connective tissue but is there a lupus component with that? I have the malar rash, hives, severe gerd, and neuro issues that started in 2015. I am slowly getting better but will probably only work part time when I return to work… I work in a hospital so now I’m worried about being around so many germs after all this. Does anyone have any advice on the RNP? My appt with the rheumatologist isn’t until august 4th. #RNP #AutoimmuneDisease