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Sump butter (sunflower & pumpkin seed butter)

Since I've lost a good chunk of my sense of taste and smell, I'm kind of forced to re-learn cooking. Thus was born sump butter, 🤣.

This one is 1:2 ratio of sunflower seeds to pumpkin seeds. First I roasted the raw pumpkin seeds in a skillet, then I ground both seeds up in small batches, as all I have is a very small mortar. Then I added a small pinch of salt, and ground one medjool date with a little sunflower oil. Then I mixed it all together adding more sunflower oil (and some water to keep from using too much oil).

Now whatever has happened to my taste and smell, the salt really makes the flavor so much better, 😶, and that's coming from someone who doesn't like a lot of salt...(that and this medicinally induced GERD likes to fill my lungs with sooooo much salt, yuuuck).

Anyway, for the moment, this is really mu (tzotzil Maya for delicious...I just love that word, mu, 🤣). The only downside, I can't grind the seeds as smooth as I'd like...😫, oh well, it's still good. Heh!

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Wife's been extra angry with me and the cats lately.

Hoo boy, pressed a button on my keyboard and the post I had previously written up just vanished...O_o...Ok, I'll talk about the medicinally induced GERD and multiple chronic pains later. I'll just talk about what's been happening with the wife for now.

Anyway, she had changed from treating me like a slave for 17 years to being more like a pet. So I had a lot more freedom to do things (I had started making some money, but unfortunately, what I do doesn't earn me any respect, so I'd lose my work areas to her putting things into the work areas...Or getting mad at me for my work areas..Long story, too tired to concentrate on it at the moment, heh).

Anyway, after the doctor I saw in 2021 had prescribed NSAIDs, that had made my physical health so so so so much worse. So now I deal with this GERD, which along with the chronic pains makes it even harder for me to get things done. I haven't been able to keep the kitchen clean since before I saw the doctor in 21. Anyway, since I've been worse, my wife has started treating me pretty awful, just like she used to before she treated me like a pet.

Pppp! I really can't think...I've been overly tired and not been sleeping very well...and my lower back is starting to hurt like hell, too...Eh, I'll try to write more later.

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