Today was a momentous day for me. I currently share a home, and attempt to maintain a civil relationship with an emotionally immature ,emotionally/psychologically abusive husband. Our grown daughter lives nearby. I recently noticed they were displaying concerned about me. I let this roll in my head, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks: the toxicity of the home was, realistically, making me sick. I AM READY TO MAKE CHANGES. SELF CARE. BE WITH PEOPLE WHO FEED MY SOUL. If things work out logistically, me/myself/and I will visit loved ones in one part of the country and then spend an undetermined amount of time with relatives in another part of the country.. My mind is already “there”. Change can feel scary but I know I need to stomp on fear and make this happen.
No matter how big or how small, any type of change can feel scary. How many times have we run back to the comfort of misery? Can anyone relate?
If you’re thinking of making any change (paint your room. I dare ya! Joking!) how are you feeling about it? Are you able to act upon it?
All the best to you as we continue on our journeys!