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#ifnotnowwhen #CourageToChange #notimelimit #safeplave

Today was a momentous day for me. I currently share a home, and attempt to maintain a civil relationship with an emotionally immature ,emotionally/psychologically abusive husband. Our grown daughter lives nearby. I recently noticed they were displaying concerned about me. I let this roll in my head, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks: the toxicity of the home was, realistically, making me sick. I AM READY TO MAKE CHANGES. SELF CARE. BE WITH PEOPLE WHO FEED MY SOUL. If things work out logistically, me/myself/and I will visit loved ones in one part of the country and then spend an undetermined amount of time with relatives in another part of the country.. My mind is already “there”. Change can feel scary but I know I need to stomp on fear and make this happen.
No matter how big or how small, any type of change can feel scary. How many times have we run back to the comfort of misery? Can anyone relate?
If you’re thinking of making any change (paint your room. I dare ya! Joking!) how are you feeling about it? Are you able to act upon it?
All the best to you as we continue on our journeys!

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Courage is being afraid but doing it anyway #CourageToChange

A quote I always return back to as I face my fears in trying to obtain my dream.

Even if you aren't where you wish you were your life, it's likely the place you don't want to be has been teaching you many things to use on the journey to getting where you want to be

#Anxiety #Depression #negativeselftalk


Learning to love myself

"It's time I started being nicer to myself. The voices in my head that triad me I'm not good enough do not speak the truth; they merely reflect the damaged self-esteem ... When I recognize that fact. I can tell them to be quiet! I will no longer listen!

... recovery has given me gentler, loving thoughts. These remind me that I am lovable and I can learn to love myself. When I open my mind enough to hear that message, I can begin to hear all the other wonderful sounds of life, and the abusive thoughts vanish.

Today's Reminder: Treating myself with kindness and respect help me to challenge my own self-criticism. Today I will pay particular attention to any voice that speaks lovingly."

#CourageToChange #MentalHealth


Why is it hard to make decisions?

"I had problems making decisions because my standards were impossible to achieve. I wanted to make decisions that would get me exactly what I wanted, or I didn't want to make them at all. I learned in Al-Anon that no one can know in advance all the consequences of any decision. We can only take the information at hand and do our best in choosing thoughtfully.

In the grand scheme of things, no single decision is ever really that important. I can do my best to make decisions wisely, but the results are in the hands of a Higher Power."



The loudest voice is not necessarily the truest

"In the face of seemingly impossible problems, it is easy to believe that our most negative thoughts reflect the truth. They plead the worst case scenario in a very convincing way, until it almost seems frivolous to consider a positive outcome. Yet the loudest voice is not necessarily the truest."

My father-in-law, a longtime AA member and one of the kindest human being I know, recommended the "Courage to Change" book. It is helping me reshape my way of thinking, one day at a time.

I'd love to shared favorite passages with ya'll along the way.

#CourageToChange #MentalHealth