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Learning to Accept My Kyphosis

I’ve had a physical disability since I was 5. I have scoliosis which later turned into severe kyphosis. I spent a lot of my childhood in hospital, in a back brace. At that age I never took notice of how different it made me look, it was all normal to me.

But as I turned about 10 or 11 and my kyphosis grew more severe, I hated it. I would get upset and refuse to go out. I was full of paranoia that people were staring at me, laughing at me. It carried on for a number of years, and got worse when I became paralyzed.

Since I was about 17 I’ve begun to accept my deformities, my scars. I’ve accepted that people will look and ask questions. It’s human nature; we’re all naturally curious.

I still struggle with bad days when it can be a little harder to accept, but I’ve learned it’s OK. Accepting my disabilities, my deformities has been a key part in bettering my mental health. I’m growing and learning every day.

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