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Allergic to your own sweat? #itchy #Scratchy #sweat #Allery #AmIJustCrazy #Simpsons

I am noticing every time I sweat I get horribly itchy, red, blotchy and rash like.
Can someone be allergic to their own sweat?
Can the boy create an allergy gradually?
What can be done for this if it’s a real condition?
If this is a thing, how would I get some sort of diagnosis?
Or am I just going crazy? Lol
I’ll be over here putting on my own personal Itchy and Scratchy show (Simpsons reference ) while I wait for responses. Lol. Thanks in advance. -Brandy

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Itching #itch #itching #why #fibrosymptom #NoChanges #Hives #Scratchy #Benadryl

I get itchy randomly. More often than not I end up in random hives. Usually just one or two spots in my body. But there have been times it’s my entire body. No rhyme. No reason. No new medication. No new foods or drinks. Same soap, shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, etc... . It seems to happen more often in the evenings and/or when I can’t sleep at night. Is this something anyone else has dealt with? Is this yet another sign I may have Fibromyalgia? Could it be anything else? Benadryl doesn’t help hardly at all unless I take more than one or two.