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Witch hazel for deep itching.

Witch hazel for deep itching. This has really worked for me. #itching


#SideEffects #Medication #itching #Oxycodone

Does anyone experience itching after taking percocet? If so do you think it’s worth taking percocet for pain, even if it’s the only medication that works for pain, if you constantly have to deal with itching? Do any of you also have eczema? I have eczema and have taken Percocet in the past only to experience severe itching allergic reaction. But it’s the only thing that helps the pain


Ever feel like your on fire literally and freezing at the same time?

#PanicDisorder #aniexty #Stress
I feel like scratching my whole body it itches and burns so, bad I cry . then I am freezing at the same time it's awful. Heart is racing , feels like I'm going to die.
Been happening alot more lately.
#itching #Fire #freezing #Burning #heart


I have a chronic cough and itching skin that’s anxiety based. Am I alone in this, or does anyone else experience these somatic symptoms? #itching


until I get sick at stomach
and nightmares


What works for your fibro itch? #Fibromyalgia #itching #Skinonfire

My skin has been itching like crazy for over a week. I’d really like to just peel it off at this point. I’ve been to the rheumatologist and he says it’s not a drug reaction, since I’ve been on my current meds for long enough any side effects should have shown up long ago. He said just do the Eucerin thing and coat my itchy spots (whole body...srsly!!) and try not to scratch. Ha! We’ve switched out all soaps, detergents, etc for natural, no perfumes, no dyes. No change except worse. Now my chest is breaking out in these little blisters and it feels like a sunburn (I’m in Nebraska in January, not likely!) suggestions??? I can’t sleep like this...not that I was sleeping great before, and the regular fibro pain is under the itch/burn so, um, yeah...#Fibromyalgia


Itching #itch #itching #why #fibrosymptom #NoChanges #Hives #Scratchy #Benadryl

I get itchy randomly. More often than not I end up in random hives. Usually just one or two spots in my body. But there have been times it’s my entire body. No rhyme. No reason. No new medication. No new foods or drinks. Same soap, shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, etc... . It seems to happen more often in the evenings and/or when I can’t sleep at night. Is this something anyone else has dealt with? Is this yet another sign I may have Fibromyalgia? Could it be anything else? Benadryl doesn’t help hardly at all unless I take more than one or two.


Is itching linked to depression in some cases?

I’ve always assumed I was allergic to something until someone asked me if I was anxious and my anxiety and depression are basically one at this point. #itching #Depression #Anxiety


Itching Starts At Night? #Fibromyalgia

I have #Fibromyalgia and one of my symptoms is the sensitivities--to light, loud noise, odors, touch/skin, altitude change, temperature change, chemicals. Every night, around 9pm, my skin starts to itch. There isnt a rash. Just itching from my scalp to the soles of my feet. It keeps getting worse by the hour. I take 50 mg of Hydroxyzine for it and that works. But I'm wondering why it gets so bad every night. Does anybody else experience the worsening itching at night time and does anybody know why it gets worse at night? #itching #sensitivities