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Mental illness does not stop

Testement to the (hopefully shrinking) stigma of #MentalHealth.

Despite having the best Christmas in years (there was no arguing or shouting, and it was just a good day) and an so grateful for that because so many people have difficult christmases . My bg even stayed somewhat under control!

I still lie here, feeling the tightness in my heart feeling like somewhere, at some point today, I have fucked up and everything is out to get me. Nothing has happened.

#ScrewYouAnxiety #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #type1diabetic

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So my anxiety as been through the roof these past few weeks...still trying the figure out my triggers. Last Friday I had to leave work because of it. I was so mad at myself for letting go that far! I cried, I was angry, my demon voices were inside my head and I couldn’t shut them off. However, after the weekend went by, things got better. Thankful for my partner who support s me. I’m not so sure he understand much of it but having him there when I need him, is all I need. He’s my rock. I’m a first time poster on here & I just wanted to share and say that bad days are ok but anxiety will not win!🤘🏼