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I'm new here🥺

Is there anyone else who's type 1 diabetic?
And just wanted to share my story if it's allowed
#type1diabetic #Depression #abusiveparents

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I have just made this group for type one diabetics after noticing there isn't much for us on here. If you're a type one diabetic or close to someone who is please feel free to join this group, whether you need advice or to vent💙 #typeonediabetes #Type1Diabetes #type1diabetic #typeonediabetic #type1 #type1 #type1d #typeoned

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Mental illness does not stop

Testement to the (hopefully shrinking) stigma of #MentalHealth.

Despite having the best Christmas in years (there was no arguing or shouting, and it was just a good day) and an so grateful for that because so many people have difficult christmases . My bg even stayed somewhat under control!

I still lie here, feeling the tightness in my heart feeling like somewhere, at some point today, I have fucked up and everything is out to get me. Nothing has happened.

#ScrewYouAnxiety #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #type1diabetic

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My head still won't clear..
It is still a swirl of #MentalHealth problems, #type1diabetic problems and the drowning blanket of my diagnosis. Winter doesn't help anyone suffering with mental health issues being cold and dark. Everything is heavy.

I can't feel much emotion apart from dragging numbness. My head won't stop rushing between forgetting everything, to focusing on work, my health, life.. Sometimes when I close my eyes I am back in that hospital being rediagnosed over again. And I am terrified to live every day knowing that this is a never ending battle. #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicIllness #Memory


Question for anyone with current or past history of #EatingDisorders : Do you believe in full recovery? If yes/no, then how come? #

After having my eating disorder for over half my life and never being a healthy weight I am realistic about what kind of #Recovery I can achieve, especially as being #type1diabetic means i'll never get a break from focusing on #Food . That said I don't think anyone should ever be told they can't ever get better, especially by health professionals that use the labels #chronic or '#seed ' (severe &enduring eating disorder, a term used after 7 years of living with a diagnosis, randomly 7 idk why!) to describe people because i know a handful of ppl that have truly achieved such a transformation.