If you read my first article here is the second part. If not I definitely urge you to read it to find out how we go to here.
After asking my son why he was so angry, withdrawn, and so upset. He said four words a parent never wants to hear. “I can’t tell you” shocked I told him “You can tell me ANYTHING!, you keep no secrets from me!” Then he started to scare me “I can’t tell you, they will hurt me or you” with tears in my eyes I told him “ If someone has hurt him, to believe me when I say they will never do it again” he then began to tell me about someone touching him where they shouldn’t. They told him if he told he would get hurt because we would be angry and blame him. It would be all his fault. I held back my tears as I listened to try and be strong for him, the truth is I was breaking inside, dying, screaming. Our son was diagnosed with Autism and putting together who hurt him was like a puzzle. After finding out it was someone close to the family who watched him while I worked. I felt like a failure it took weeks to get out of bed, weeks to do things around the house I normally did, weeks to be able to function. Through the whole ordeal my son was called a liar because no one could believe him because of his Autism, we were bashed on FB, and lost our own close family because they said he lied. Through it all he was strong, through it all it came out 4 others were also sexually abused by this person. My son became my hero him breaking his silence at just 6 years old caused a roar of children including his brother to tel their story. He became my hero and so many others. We then started a hashtag of no more silence in his dedication for his bravery.
#sexualchildabuse #hero #Autism #fight #NOMORESILENCE