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My hero

Jesus has saved me on several occasions. He did the BIG save on the cross, but He's saved me from suicide, trauma, abuse, and myself countless times since. He sees all my meltdowns, all my "episodes", yet He still wants me. That in itself is a miracle. I am His before I am anyone else's and I want an outward expression of that. That is why I have begun to wear a ring on my ring finger for Him. If, in the future, He were to have an earthly marriage for me, I would wear those rings on my right hand. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #hero #Jesus

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#victim or #hero ?

Someone’s reality of you does not have to be your reality. You are just a person. Be your own hero! You are worth it! #MentalHealthHero

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#Seizure #hero #Epilepsy

When the little skull is squeezed so hard that the body twists and turns in the most unnatural electric way, all control is lost and the world turns upside down. For those watching, helplessness is terrifying and unpredictability, suffocating.

Families living with epileptic children have every reason to quit entirely, but they never do. Instead, they lead their children to become heroes and inspiration to those who in the midst of so many obstacles, feel discouraged. They show everyone that counting smiles and appreciating what you have- overshadows counting seizures or bad days.

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month. For every child and adult facing epilepsy, I wish they find strength to preserver. I hope they chose not to be defined by their situation, condition and numerous labels thereof. And I hope that even when they get very tired, they can gloriously rise above all adversity and turn limitations into opportunities that can overcome anything.

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all men ≠ bad guys #kindess #Love #hero

for the first time in a long time, i found someone who can take care of me, accept me for who i am and what i've been through, and who can love me because of it all. the timing could not have been more perfect. i just want to reach out to all of you who think that all guys are the same, selfish heartbreakers, because i can promise you, as someone who, up until this point has encountered only those men, i p.r.o.m.i.s.e. you the good ones are still out there, and i pray you can find one as good as mine. please don't give up. i love you. peace + blessings.

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If you read my first article here is the second part. If not I definitely urge you to read it to find out how we go to here.
After asking my son why he was so angry, withdrawn, and so upset. He said four words a parent never wants to hear. “I can’t tell you” shocked I told him “You can tell me ANYTHING!, you keep no secrets from me!” Then he started to scare me “I can’t tell you, they will hurt me or you” with tears in my eyes I told him “ If someone has hurt him, to believe me when I say they will never do it again” he then began to tell me about someone touching him where they shouldn’t. They told him if he told he would get hurt because we would be angry and blame him. It would be all his fault. I held back my tears as I listened to try and be strong for him, the truth is I was breaking inside, dying, screaming. Our son was diagnosed with Autism and putting together who hurt him was like a puzzle. After finding out it was someone close to the family who watched him while I worked. I felt like a failure it took weeks to get out of bed, weeks to do things around the house I normally did, weeks to be able to function. Through the whole ordeal my son was called a liar because no one could believe him because of his Autism, we were bashed on FB, and lost our own close family because they said he lied. Through it all he was strong, through it all it came out 4 others were also sexually abused by this person. My son became my hero him breaking his silence at just 6 years old caused a roar of children including his brother to tel their story. He became my hero and so many others. We then started a hashtag of no more silence in his dedication for his bravery.
#sexualchildabuse #hero #Autism #fight #NOMORESILENCE

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Captain Tom Moore #hero #mightmoments

Wow wow wow wow

I wanted to share this with you my Mighty family

This very brave gentleman of a young age at 99 years old he will be 100 years old very soon.

Started doing laps to raise money for the UK NHS. Our national health service. His way of saying thankyou to the NHS for his treatment for cancer and a broken hip.

His original target was £1000 then 2 weeks ago one of our national tv channels picked it up.
Everyone started to donate.
The target was changed and changed again, and again.

Today when I watched the BBC news his target stands at just under a million pounds.
Yes just short of a million UK pounds.
He wanted to raise a thousand pounds by his 100 th birthday when he will recieve a personal birthday card from the Queen .
He only has a few laps left to do.
He served in the war. He is now doing something in the fight against the covid19 war.
What a hero.
#heroes #100 #99 #Millionpoundsraised #MightyTogether #Captaintommoore #Laps #Cancer #HipReplacement #NHS #Sayingthankyou #Brokenhip #RareDisease #Amazing

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Dealing with anxiety and being hopeful

tonight is the first night in about a week that I have peace when it comes to the whole virus and dealing with my health anxiety and anxiety in general, I actually have been dealing with a lot of the symptoms which mimic anxiety flare-ups very closely but for once I have peace because I know that God's always with me. I've been standing on Psalm 91 for the last 2 weeks and tonight I actually think that in the coming days and weeks that the numbers that have been frightening me with how many people have been getting sick and dying is slowly going to start going down. it's been very hard because when I have these bad episodes of panic and the effects of my body I usually run to the ER or immediate Care to get checked out but I haven't been to either in over 3 months. I guess I'm finally starting to make progress with God's help and now with the virus I am fighting through my anxiety and recognizing the chest tightness and pain is just anxiety. it's been very difficult and frustrating and I've had My moments of breaking down in pure panic and crying but at least tonight I'm starting to feel a little bit more hopeful. I've been documenting my systems by short personal videos to help me see what is real and not real when it comes to the pain and identifying when it's a fear response, that seems to help out quite a bit and I know my battle with overcoming anxiety still is a long battle the face but at least tonight I'm not as afraid and I truly thank God for that. I also truly think this amazing community because their stories really helped me to realize I'm not alone and that there are a lot of us fighting on.

Enclosing everyone on this community is a true hero to me because everyone is continuing the fight past depression, anxiety, or whatever it is that you're struggling with and yet all of us are still here fighting on.

Everyone is a hero and just know your struggles inspire others to not give up. #Anxiety #Depression #hero

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