I am so happy to find i am not alone with my secret. I pull my hair out! I started picking in my early 40s,nail biter as a child! It started when the grey hairs started coming in and im obsessed with picking the dry course hairs,that look like an accordion and most grey hairs are course wiry,I like to feel it in my fingers. I picked my head bald and blamed it on meth and stress use. After a year of being bald and wearing wigs and hoping people just thought I had cancer in my head wraps,i would have rather them thought this than no the truth,that I pulled my hair out😔 I stopped using meth and let my hair grow back but the picking has never stopped! I keep tweezers in bathroom were I get lost picking and not realize how long I been there til I see my sink and counter full of hair. I carry tweezers in my car cause when that sunlight hits my hair its pickomania time! Its so stressful and i don't know how to stop! Some days are more controllable than others and the new hair that grows in is a complete different color than my own and I start picking them. I have learned that when my scalp itches I can always find a white hair that has grown in sideways. I find it satisfying to pick and learning that when i feel stress or anxiety it really triggers my picking....Sorry for the long story any advice out there?