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    New here! #shamefulsecret

    I am so happy to find i am not alone with my secret. I pull my hair out! I started picking in my early 40s,nail biter as a child! It started when the grey hairs started coming in and im obsessed with picking the dry course hairs,that look like an accordion and most grey hairs are course wiry,I like to feel it in my fingers. I picked my head bald and blamed it on meth and stress use. After a year of being bald and wearing wigs and hoping people just thought I had cancer in my head wraps,i would have rather them thought this than no the truth,that I pulled my hair out😔 I stopped using meth and let my hair grow back but the picking has never stopped! I keep tweezers in bathroom were I get lost picking and not realize how long I been there til I see my sink and counter full of hair. I carry tweezers in my car cause when that sunlight hits my hair its pickomania time! Its so stressful and i don't know how to stop! Some days are more controllable than others and the new hair that grows in is a complete different color than my own and I start picking them. I have learned that when my scalp itches I can always find a white hair that has grown in sideways. I find it satisfying to pick and learning that when i feel stress or anxiety it really triggers my picking....Sorry for the long story any advice out there?


    who's pulling who?

    Had a thought while working out in the gym yesterday. I have trichotillomania and started pulling at age 11. I stopped at age 15. Long story. But was thinking, it wasn't that I was pulling my hair, it was that my hair was pulling me. My hair was the bully. I told the bully, "I'm not gonna fight you, I'm going to ignore you." I managed too, and know what? He want away....


    Can't stop pulling my hair. Got scared when I saw a flashing light. I left a message for my eye doctor but the stress of what could be overflowed into self destruction.

    I feel better after talking about it. Just gotta focus on today. Right now. That's all.

    If it is an eye thing it could help the neurologist (when I see him) figure out what's going on. Because I have a lot of MS like symptoms. I don't want MS I just want to feel better, no matter what it takes.

    No matter the answer I know it will work out. It's just getting the answer...that is the challenge.

    Wish me luck.

    #Trichotillomania #Trich #MultipleSclerosis #mslikesymptoms #Spoonie


    I need to be strong

    My story is long to tell but in a nutshell I have had anxiety and depression pretty much all my life. Trichotillomania set in during 7th grade and I battle it on and off still. I married a man with PTSD (from the VietNam War and bad abuse as a child). My dad was an alcoholic but he worked every day. We said maybe 6 sentences to each other during his whole life. Mom was a nice christian women doing the best she could. I never once got a hug.
    So I am a classic people pleaser but I'm finally waking up to alot of things my husband does that I thought was PTSD but I'm sure he's BPD too. He's a very mean 74 year old man. FOR THE PAST 3 YRS I'VE BEEN LIVING IN A CAMPING TRAILER WITH NO RUNNING WATER . We do stay in campgrounds and RV parks so we have shower facilities. But this is Not Normal. Have I lost every bit of self esteem I ever had? We "live" in the northeast in the summer and Florida in the winter, and winter is coming and I don't want to go to Florida with him again. The past 3 winters down there have been hell. We have traveled 8 out of the last 10 years and I'm just dog tired. Suicidal at times. Help me be strong and stand my ground. He will coerce, cajole, call me a traitor, say any wife would be happy for the chance ... He will try to make me feel guilty, but he will never go alone. He's afraid to be alone. 40 yrs of this, no wonder I'm tired. Thanks for listening.


    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is MikeyMo. I'm here because my psychiatrist thinks I might have body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB), and it seems to fit this compulsive self-massage tic that's contributing to my depression. I couldn't find an option for that so I put trichotillomania, which is another type of BFRB.

    #MightyTogether #Depression #ADHD #Trichotillomania


    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is lily. I've been diagnosed with anxiety and trichotillomania, it’s been about two years since i developed these desorders and i don’t know how to get better. my therapist recommended this app to see if i find any tips from someone to help me, specially with the trichotillomania
    #MightyTogether #Anxiety #Trichotillomania


    When all I hear is Noise

    Hi, I'm new and I find peace of mind to be a rare commodity.

    My brain has no "off" switch. It's always thinking 20 things at a time, strategizing, worrying, debating. Almost never do I find myself in a state of actual calm or peace. Either thinking 20 things in a day is keeping me functional or overwhelms me.

    I have generalized anxiety disorder, depression, and insomnia. I also have struggled with sensory and memory issues, trichotillomania, psychosis, panic attacks, and PTSD. I'm also waiting on results for testing for another possible diagnosis.

    I have fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, and chronic lower back pain. I also have photosensitivity, asthma, and joints that dislocate/subluxate. So when I'm thinking my 20 thoughts at once, it's also me trying to account for and take care of myself on a constant basis. I've learned to think those 20 thoughts because no one else will advocate for me, and when I don't it means I don't get the medical care I need.

    However, part of the reason I joined The Mighty is because as my conditions have become more severe it's increasingly hard to see the road ahead. I can barely handle day-to-day, that merely thinking of making plans or the future sends me into a panic attack or deep depression. I've been struggling and so isolated that social skills which were once easy, are now a significant fear of mine. I struggle to string together thoughts, remember words, read facial expressions with those closest to me.

    There is no cheesy pamphlet in the hallway for the struggles we go through. Questions about how to handle situations or how to plan a future that you want with the conditions you have. I found The Mighty because I am ready to move forward with my life to a place where I am happy, but doing that right now feels...incomprehensible. I'm here because even the small steps, I don't know how to do or even what they are. I can't find resources that even echo an understanding of my needs and how to accommodate for them.

    I'm here because the best things I've learned are from my friends and people who have gone through similar experiences. Because the thoughts aren't so loud when they are shared with others.

    #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth