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☆ " B.L.O.O.D.L.I.N.E'.S.. "☆ Even Though Adopted #Shunned #Shutout

☆ " So Ever Since I Lost My Baby And My Ex... Now I Feel Even More Alone... Because My S****Y Family Is All Of A Sudden Like No You Can't Stay With Any Of Us... Find Your Own Place And Live Your Own Life... × " LIKE HELLO W.T.F I WAS DOING FOR 17 YEAR'S LIVING MY OWN LIFE.. " × DUH!! ... So Now I Keep Being Told That Nobody Has Room For Me.. To Stay.. And Yet They Want A Realtionship With Me ? I'm Just Done.. I'm Working At 5AM Tomarrow And My Last Day... My Growing "HATERED" For My Sibling's Is Getting Better... Wth I'm I Suppose To Do Give Up Not Living My Own Life... Just Because They Don't Like Family Responsibilitie's... In Taking Care Of My Older Disabiled Twin Brother... I Did My Part When I Was 11 Year's Old Until I Was 18.. I'm Going To Cut Everyone Off... I Didn't Do Shit To These People.. But I m Not Let Them Micro-Manage My Life More.. They Have Been At This Since I Was A Teen... " × #Thought 's #Depression ☆▪︎☆ SKADI ☆▪︎☆


I didn’t know why I am #Shunned and unliked as soon as #Standupforyourself I stand up for my self or my husband.

I am a really good person and have tons of friends but siblings and adult step-children won’t talk to me because I stated my feelings and this really devastates me. I think it’s me. Lots more to the s story.