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Back on Zoloft #Standupforyourself

So I didn’t her anything from my Np. I called the 3 rd time saying how I’m upset she hasn’t called me back and how I’m about to go off . The lady interrupted the Np visit with other patient. I finally got to talk to her and told her I want off that I already refilled my Zoloft prescription and buspar. She goes you have only been on it for a week I said well I’m having major numbness throughout my body including the throat. Thankfully I don’t drive I would have been dead. If I get hot flashes with Zoloft so be it

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Baking just isn’t enough #TheMighty #Unappreciated

So baking is one of my favorite hobbies and love spoiling people through it. I love seeing the joy and smiles on people face when they enjoy a treat or two. A #smile is a gift that is literally pricelesss and hold so much value. https://P.s #smile is a form of charity, can will light up even a stranger day. While I enjoy baking and love seeing the end result. I most love doing to make my #Lovedones happy. Then the sad part comes when you feel #Unappreciated and #worthless when they treat you like all you do is spend money. To me it not about spending money, it’s about making people happy and always having something sweet close by. #money makes the world go round(sadly). People forgot the #value of love and appreciation. I’m not the most approachable person so I use my baking as a form of love, expression or so to say communicating. But that’s not enough in today life it’s all about the bigger, sparkly and glitzy things. Why do people have this persona that if you can baking that all you can do, being gifted to do it all is possible. #Standupforyourself, So today I decide to increase on my self love and not do as much for other. #Unappreciated #anxiousthoughts #On #Anxiety #Selfharm #appreciatelife #Selflove #TheMighty #LoveYouMore


I didn’t know why I am #Shunned and unliked as soon as #Standupforyourself I stand up for my self or my husband.

I am a really good person and have tons of friends but siblings and adult step-children won’t talk to me because I stated my feelings and this really devastates me. I think it’s me. Lots more to the s story.


Release in the form of pain

So during my therapy session last night, my therapist brought up a good point that’s sticking with me.
I’ve been in a #ChronicPain flare up for the past month. But over the past month, I’ve stopped feeling like a victim and started standing up for myself. She said that maybe the reason I’m having pain is because I’m finally letting go of all the negative shit and the tension I’ve had for the past year is getting out of my body. I had to stop and think about this. I’ve been looking back on my past and it’s connection to my pain. It seems like every time I make a breakthrough I have a pain flare up.
My therapist also added that the pain could be temporary, so that gives me hope. #Depression #Pain #Trauma #notavictim #Standupforyourself