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    • " So Today I Got Verbally Abused By A Customer... And Her Hubby Stood By And Watched " • #entitled Customer's #Depression #Tear 's

    • " Today I Had A Very Rough Day.. Being Abused By My Boss And Customer's Verbally.. This Lady Came In Wanting No Meat Of Any Kind... I Was Trying To Explain To Her That Everything Come's With Meat. And That If She Wanted She Could Have Ordered Black Bean Taco's... Nope She Called Me " Stupid " And Mumbling The R" Word At Me.. I Was Already Having A Nasty Day. Because Of My Boss Yelling At Me For The Littlest Issue's... My Co-Worker Called Out The Customer's. And Got Mad At Her. And Then This Lady Was Still Defiant That She Didn't Do Anything Worng. A Few Minutes Later She Apologized To My Co-worker But Not The Person Who She Called Nasty Hurtful Name's Me... These Customer's That I Deal With Everyday. Think That It's Ok.. To Act This Way... I Have Been In Tear's All Day... And My Boss Only Care's About These Jerk's. Not Her Employee. She Has Showed That She Has Never Liked Me. Whatsoever...." • #Thought 's #Depression ☆Skaoi Kvitravn ☆

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    ☆ " Sigh My Little 3 Day Off Day Is Over... " ☆ #Thought 's

    • " Back To Work For 3 Day's... On My 3 Day's Off Finally I Didn't Get Called In.. I Still Have Side Effects From Covid.. I'm Still Getting Extremely Exhausted... And Out Of Breath.. I Have Alot On My Plate At Work. The Restroom's Are Alway's A Mess And The Restaurant Patio... When I'm Off Nobody Else Clean's But Me. And Tbh That's Not Fair At All To Me. I Didn't Sign Up To Become Thier Maid... I Signed Up To Re-Stock And Cook Thing's. Not To Soley Do The Register All The Time. These People Take Advantage Of My Good Will And Kindness.. And Then Trash Me And My Work Ethic.. My Boss Has This Very Bad Habit Of Putting Me Down In Front Of Customer's All The Time... And Doesn't Seem To Understand That I Have Trouble With Counting Change And Big Bill's. I'm Fine With Smaller Amout's. But They Continue To Put Me. On Something That Stressful To Me.. And I Have Ran Out Of Money Twice. Because Customer's Come In With $100.00 Or $50.00 Dollar Bill's. And The Box. Doesn't Have Enough Cash. That I Use. I Hate Working For People Who Don't Understand People's Need's. I Have Asked Alot Of Time's If I Could Do Something Else. And I Get Yes Go Clean. Like That To Me Is Not Productive. Cleaning Up After Customer's All Day... I Would Perfer Something More Intresting. " • ☆ SKAOI KVITRAVN ☆ #Thought 's

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    ° " Why??? I'm I Still Here... I Can't Deal With The Stress,Depression, Etc Anymore... " °#Intrusive Thought's

    ▪︎ " Today I Had A Very Rough Day At Work. Everything That I Do Is Never Good Enough... I Keep Getting Yelled At That I Don't Keep The Restroom's Clean... The Patio... The Salsa Bar Etc. And That I Keep Making Register Mistake's... When Is Enough Enough... I'm Trying So Hard To Keep It Together... But Sometime's I Just Want To End It. And Be At Peace. And Not Become An Issue Or A Bother To Anyone. I Have Worked 6 Day's Straight. I'm Just So Tired. I'm Constantly Worrying About How. I'm Going To Pay For Thing's. Since Covid. Took Me Out For A Week. I'm Currently Again Depressed. People Critique My Way Of Doing Thing's... All The Time. And All Day Today My Boss Wouldn't Leave Me Alone. Constantly Alway's Complaining About The Littlest Issue's. And It's Starting To Make Me. Even More About Doubting Myself And My Work Ethic. All Day Today Customer's Kept Changing Thier Order's. Once They Do That.. I Have To Go And Get My Boss To Remove Item's. These People Don't Want. And She Yell's At Me Alot For Thier Indecisive Mind's. I Can't Deal With It Any Longer It's Too Stressful."• Sincerely, ▪︎•▪︎Skaoi Kvitravn▪︎•▪︎ #Thought 's

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    ° " Here We Go Again ! " ° #Familydrama

    ° " So I Got A Text From My Older Brother Asking? If I Needed A Ride For Work Tomarrow. But The Text Rubbed Me The Worng Way. The Text Said Don't Call Or Text... Luke Wth. Then Why Ask Me If I Needed A Ride. I Alway's Leave A Text Or One Call To Make Sure. I Still Have A Ride. And That I Hate Being Late For Work. But Now It's Like Well. Fine Then Don't Ask Me If I Need Anything Then. If It's Such A Big Deal... I Have Never Asked For Ride's. In The 1st Place They Offered. Yes It Bugged Me. Because To Me It Was Rude AF... " ° Sincerely, • Skaoi Kvitravn • #Thought 's

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    ☆ " Life Is A Funny Thing To Live Through... " ☆ #CheckingIn

    ° " My Covid Adventure/Nightmare Began On Jan 10th Lasting Through Jan 17th.. But The Real Affect 's Of My Covid Started On 11th.. And Luckly I Didn't Have To Go To The Hospital.. Because Of My 2 Shot's That I Already Had... Now I'm Going To Be Very Vigilant I'm No Longer Touching Anyone Or Anything... I Don't Care If They See Me As Mean. It's Just Too Much Anxiety And Stress. People Will Continue To Come Into My Workplace Sick.. And Customer's Also. I'm Freaked Out By This Experience.. Can You Blame Me. For Wanting To Protect Myself. What If Next Time I Do End Up In The Hospital.."° #Thought 's •Skaoi Kvitravn•

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    ° " Can You Become Depressed And Sad.. While Having Covid ? " ° #recovering

    ° " I'm Feeling Alot Better But I'm Also Severely Depressed Idk Why... And I'm Also Extremely Exhausted... I Test Again Tomarrow. I Have In Home Covid Test Kit's. Because If I Went Into The Hospital. I Would Have Waited Hour's. Or Would Have Been Sent Home. I Don't Have Health Insurance Right Now. Because I Just Can't Afford It. And So My Boss Called To Check In. And She Was Asking For A Doctor's Note. Like Hello I Guess She Didn't Hear Me. I Told Her. That I Took The In Home Covid Test. What That Won't Count To Let Me Come Back To Work ???. Some Of These Companies Are Stupid. So I'm Going To Tell Her Again Clearly. That I Did An In Home Test Kit. It Was Much Safer Than Me Setting Into A Hospital. Especially Since I'm High Risk. " ° #Thought 's Sincerely, ☆▪︎☆Skaoi Kvitravn☆▪︎☆

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    ° " 👋 Mighty Family! I'm Still Kicking... " ° #AnUpdate

    ° " So Omfg! I Litterly Wouldn't Wish This Nightmare Virus On Anyone... Not Even On My Jealous Enemie's... I Started Off With A Severe Headache Litterly From H*ll. To The Point Where I Thought That I Was Having A Stroke It Was That Bad I Was In Tear's. The Body Pain Was Horrible. I Haven't Eaten In 2 Day's. The Feverish Up's And Down's. I'm Still Stuffy And Can't Move I'm So Exhausted All The Time... I Still Have Body Pain. No Memory Fog Yet. I Couldn't Wish Or Celebrate. My Son's 20th Brithday. Yesterday. For The New People That Don't Know. I Lost My Son To " Sudden Infant Death Syndrome "... In 2004. So I Wish Him A Happy Birthday Every Jan 12th.. Well Still On This Messed Up Adventure Until Next Post.... Take Care Peep's Xoxo " ° •Skaoi Kvitravn• #Thought 's

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    ° "Sigh! So I've Fully Tested Postive For Covid 19..." ° #AnUpdate

    • " I Just Took An At Home Testing Kit... A Dark Line Quickly Popped 1st. And Then The Second Line Is Barly Visable. So I'm Postive Vacation Time From My Job. That's Where I Got Infected. The Pain Is Unbareable. I Have A Fever... A Cough.. No Vomiting Or The You Know What's. My Memory Is Foggy AF. I Will Keep This Saga Of Tale's Updated. 🤮🤧🤢" • Sincerely, ~ Skaoi Kvitravn #Thought 's

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    ° " Ugh! This Is A Nightmare... The Virus Is No Joke... " ° #AnUpdate

    ° " I Texted My Boss This Morning Flat Out Said That I Have Covid. She Was Surprisingly Understanding... Maybe They Can Finally Start Training Another Cashier. I Still Feel Horrible... And In Massive Pain. I Treated Myself To Some Fluffy French Toast From IHOP. I Litterly Haven't Eaten In 2 Day's. Because My Throat Is About To Fall Off. And Sore. How Long Doe's This Crap Take To Pass?.... That Muncinex Is A Gem. It Knocked Me Out At Night. I Still Have This Severe Migraine. That My Vein's On The Side's Of My Face Are Popping Out." ° Sincerely, Skaoi Kvitravn #Thought 's

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    Just mentally & physically drained….