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° " Work Is Exhusting... But We Have To Keep Going " ° #Thought 's

° " So I Made Overtime For The 1st Time... I Got Sent Home Early Lolz... Yay Me... My Schedule Has Completely Changed... I Work At 6A.M Off At 3P.M. And Apparently A Customer Made A Complaint Against Me... For Not Letting Them Have Carne Asada On A Diffrent Dish... ? Well TBH I Didn't Know That It Could Be Added With Everything Else On The Menu... Because Nobody Tell's Me Anything... " • Sincerely, ☆☆☆ S.K. ☆☆☆ #Work #Stress

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• " Loneliness Is Both A Joy And A Curse.. " • #Thought 's

° " Sometime's I Find Joy In Being Alone... And Alot Of The Time's I Just Can't Deal With Human's All Day... Because Of My Job... I'm OK With 1 On 1... But Man It's So Draining... Dealing With Alot Of Entitled Rude People Most Of The Time... I Can't Deal With Group Setting's... Because People Sometime's.. Act Entitled Or Love To Stir Drama... Like The Other Day.. I Worked Until 3pm.. And My Male Boss And Another Male Co-worker... Were Yelling At Each Other.. My Boss Thought That My Co-worker Was Being Extremely Rude And Mean Toward's Me... Which Wasn't The Case.. We Had A Rush Of Customer's Out Of Nowhere... And I Was Ya Know Cleaning Etc Until... I Got Called.. I Said That I Didn't Know That They Were Arguing Over Me.. I Honestly Thought That They Were Fighting Over A Customer. Lolz... He Apologized But I Didn't See Anything Worng... We Work In A Stressful Environment And S%%% Going To Hit The Fan Anyway's..." ° #Thought 's ×Skaoi Kvitravn×

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° " Soooo I Have Been Dealing With Massive Regret... " ° #Feelinglost #Sadness

▪︎ " So Remember On My Last Post I Said That I Had 3 Suitor's... But Only One Caught My Eye... Since Then I Have Been Feeling Like I Messed Up Badly By Passing The Guy That Was Very Nice.. Up Because My Lovely Anxiety Got In The Way.. Now I'm Feeling Like I Will Never See This Person That I Hit It Off With Again... Which Sux Because We Definitely Have Chemistry And Alot In Common... Sigh!!! OH WELL!!! • I Alway's Seem To Get Veteran's That Hit On Me The Most.. Which Is Funny.. I Guess The Universe And The God's Are Trying To Tell Me.. To Try Again... L.M.F.A.O " ° Sincerely, × Skaoi Kvitravn #Thought 's #Depression

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♡ " GOOD MORNING! Mighty Mother's / Soon To Be... " ♡ #WishingYouAllAHappyMother 'sDay2023...

° " Wishing All The Mighty Mother's In The Community Awsome Stress Free Day! One Can Only Hope... I Wish For All Of You To Get Super Pampered And Spoiled... Me Nope I Will Be Stuck At You Know Where... ¤ Sending... You All Massive Huge Hug's And Love To All Of You Awsome Women. Take Care"¤ Sincerely, ~ Skaoi Kvitravn #Thought 's

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° " So Today I Took A Pain Day Off " ° #ImSoOverIt

☆ " I Texted My Boss That I'm Not Able To Come Into Work... My Hip And Lower Back Are A Level 10 Pain Scale... I Ordered My Food For The Wèek.Week.. And I Have The Weekend To Work.. My Boss Had A Hissy Fit Like Alway's When.. It's Me Calling In... She Litterly Act's Like I Do This On Purpose... Which Is Not True... And Kept Telling Me. That She Needed Me.. Because 2 People Called Off.. Well That Alway's Seem's To Be Thier Issue.. I Stood My Ground And Didn't Go.. I Texted That I Wasn't Coming In... And That's Not Good Enough.. And I Know Who Keep's Calling Into Work.. A Guy And Another Girl.. She Never Get's Mad At These People... But When It's Me I Get An Ear Full... Of Her Rage.. I'm At The Point Where I Can Only Do So Much... With My Body.. I Can't Sleep And Wake Up In Tear's... They Can Talk Bad And Call Me Whatever... I'm So Over Taco Cabana... And There Inability To Run A Restaurant Properly... " ° #Thought 's ▪︎ Skaoi Kvitravn ▪︎

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☆ " So I Had A Depressive Episode At Work.. " ☆ #exhausted

¿ " So I Was Not Feeling Myself At All Today... I Came In Severely Sleep Deprived I Didn't Fall Asleep Until 4 A.M. This Morning And Got Up For Work At 6 A.M. A Few Customer's Annoyed Me With Thier Entitledmented Additdude's... And Very Rude Behavior... And My Hip And Lower Back Were Giving Me Issue's All Day... 3 More Day To Go... And Your Probably Wondering If I'm Off "Mother's Day " The Answer Is No Sadly.. I Work Every Major Holiday... Because This Company Is Extremely Greedy... I Ask For Important Day's Off That I Need.. And Nope.. I'm Seen As The Lazy Non Motivated Person That Doesn't Like To Work... Now And These People That I Work For.. Are Sad Human Being's... Tbh.. Just Because I'm Alone.. Doesn't Mean That I Enjoy Being Overworked... " ? #Thought 's ▪︎ Skaoi Kvitravn ▪︎

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☆" Hello,👋 Mighty Family!"☆ #Thought 's

° " So Today I Went To The D.M.V To Rid Myself Of An Old I.D. Card... Now I Just Need To Re-Apply Again For Ssa Later But 1st Rebuild My Medical History... Since Apparently My Brith Record's... Are No Good To Them.. They New Everything... Which Is Annoying Because... My Work Will Have A Cow... If I Take More Time Off... Oh Well... " ° Sincerely, ▪︎ S.K. ▪︎ #Thought 's

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° " I Took A " Mental Day " Off Today... " ° #Depression

° " My Ankle's Have Been Giving Me Issue's And My Lower Back Lately... And The Non Stop Shortage Of Employee's Quitting Or Not Motivated To Work... Is Just Wierd To Me Especially When It's Younger People... I Got Into A Fight With An Older Male Co-worker .. He's Alway's Following Me To Make Sure That.. I Perfectly Clean Or Take Out The Trash.. To His Stupid Standard's.. But He's Not A G.M. Just An Employee... And Yesterday He Yelled At Me About The Trash Being Left Off To The Side.. Well I Couldn't Throw It In The Dumpster... Because It Was Overflowing... This Guy Only Complain's And Single's Me Out.. About Not Cleaning Or Doing My Job Fast Enough... And He Alway's Tatttle's On Me To Our Boss... And Her Respose Alway's " Cricket's "... I Yelled At Him Back To Mind Is Own Business... And To Stop Interjecting Himself With My Task's.. He Has It Easy He Only Clean's The Restaurant Window's And Wall's And Doe's Alittle Maintance... I Have Never Worked In An Environment So Toxic.. It's Insane..." ° ▪︎ S.K. ▪︎ #Thought 's

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☆" I Use My Big Pure Heart To Do Good In This World.."☆ #Thought 's

° " The Type's Of Customer's That I Litterly Love Helping... Are The Wounded Military Vet's Or Active Duty Soldier's.. Police.. S.W.A.T ▪︎ E.MT'S ▪︎ Firefighter's... And Disabled... Blind ▪︎ Deaf All Walk's Of Life.. And There Are People That Do Not Take The Time To Help Other's But.. I Alway's Do.. Because That's Just Who I'am As A Human Being... Even Though I Struggle With My Own... Mental And Physical And Intellectual Learning Disabilitie's... I Alway's Make The Time And Effort To Alway's Help Other's... Yes This Job Is Stressful And Mentally Breaking Me... But I Have A Duty To Accomplish... Yes I Could Leave For Another Job.. Right Now Nobody Is Currently Hiring People.. Even Though It's Advertised Everywhere... I Get Declined... But I Would Love To Work With Animal's.. Etc... I'm Not Much Of A People Person... My Anxiety Make's It Extremely Hard.. And My Social Anxiety Disorder At It's Worst At Time's.. Today Was Very Stressful Because Of The Short Staffing Issue's At Work..." ° Sincerely, • Skaoi Kvitravn • #Thought 's

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☆ " So I Had A Good Day At Work... " ☆ #Depression

° " I Don't Really Know If I Truly Have Friendship's At Work... I Let Someone In And Then They Start Making All Kind's Of Drama Or Issue's At Work For No Good Reason... I Haven't Talked To This Person In 2 Day's... They Are Going To Be At Work Tomarrow... My Boss Want's Me To Keep My Distance... I Just Want To Be Left Alone It Was Nice Talking On The Phone And Stuff But... Now I'm Feeling Used And Uncomfortable... With This Co-worker... And This Person Is A Woman.. She Tend's To Make A Fuss About The Littlest Issue's.. So Tomarrow Will Be Akward I Need Advice... I Don't Want To Become Mean... Or Let Her Think That I'm With My Boss And My Other Co-worker's... I'm A Loner For This Reason To Protect Myself From Issue's People Cause And Drama... It's Too Much Stress And Anxiety For Me... To Be Dealing With... " ° ☆●☆ S.K. ☆●☆ #Thought 's

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