× " Sooo I Got A Morning Text From My Sister's Husband Saying The Same Thing... That I Need To Move Out And Apply For Disability... Like Really I Have Been Working My Butt Off For 7 Month's Now... I Have Only $500+ Saved Up Atm... They Don't Get That I Need To Pay For My Ride's And Buy My Own Food & Misc... I Litterly Don't Go Anywhere... Just To Work And Back.. My Monthly Spending On Uber Is Between $1,000 But ATM I'm Currently @$100+ So I Bounce With This Inflation B.S. They Get Mad Because I Come Home Early From Work... 😒 Like I Can Never Catch A Break... Or I'm Lazy And Unmotivated To Help Myself... I'm Doing The Best That I Can... They Just Need To Leave Me Alone.. My Fa.ily Severely Affect's My Mental Health... I'm Working On Getting A Place To Live... But They Want To Bud In On Everything That I Do... This Is Soo Draining And Not Fair... I'm A Target Again Because They Just Need Something To Focus On... Since Thier Old Dog Passed Away... A Few Day's Ago... " × #Stressedout ☆ S.K. ☆