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    × " I'm Having A Rough Time At This New Job Transfer " × #Stressedout #burnedout #Depression #NonStopBullying

    × " So I Co-worker Kept Complaining About Me... And Other Co-worker's... To My New Boss... About How She's Alway's Doing Other People's Assigned Job's.. And I Have Been Kindly Telling Her To Please Stop Ordering Me Around... And Checking On Me... To See If I'm Doing My Job Correctly... And The Girl Doesn't Like Me At All Idk Why???... Nor Do I Care.. I'm Not There To Make Friendship's With Bratty Children.. I'm There To Pay My Bill's And Rent.. And This Girl Has Had It Out For Me... Since I Have Arrived... I'm Looking For A Diffrent Job.. But Currently Everyone Is On Seasonal.. So I'm Going To Just Ride This Storm... Until Jan.. This Is Not Fair To Me.. I Do My Job's Just Differently And They Don't Like That I Pace Myself... I Can't Win With Anyone... " ×# AnUpdate ☆▪︎▪︎☆SKADI ☆▪︎▪︎☆


    First Post Here... Hey Y'all

    Well, I don't even know where to begin. It has become apparent in the last 18 months that my husband of nearly 24 years is a narcissist. He's always been super judgmental (and acknowledges this fact, but has never tried to change it).

    Well, we are definitely in a rocky place. Yes, I have a hand in it -- but, so does he. It takes 2 to tango, ya know.

    Anyways, over the last year+ the home environment has gotten fairly hostile. When he gets home from work, I've been informed I'm "not supposed to speak to him until he's ready"... but he never indicated when that was. So I did set a boundary there... I told him he can't come sit down next to me on the sofa until "he's ready" because I'll inevitably talk to him. He expects me to just "know" when it's ok and not ok to talk to him (based on his mood - which is ever changing).

    Even asking a simple question is met with extreme defensiveness. I was attempting to explain something medical from my doc to him, and he misunderstood. When I said his understanding was incorrect, he yelled "that's what you JUST said"... even though it wasn't. So I simply started over and said everything again. He doesn't listen to me. In fact, we had a HUGE discussion/argument about MY food preferences regarding pickled red onions (I like them, he insisted I didn't). Not 3 days later, he didn't remember the conversation. (He "never remembers" what he's said.)

    He was going to therapy, but hasn't gone in at least 5 weeks. He was the one who said he wanted marriage counseling, but is now refusing. What do I do??

    #narcissisthusband #narcissistspousalabuse #Gaslighting #Depression #Anxiety #BPD #AvPD #ADHD #Fibromyalgia #DDD #chronicpainpatient #Gastroparesis #Achalasia #Stressedout

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    × " I Was In A " Mentor Role " Teaching A New Guy The Rope's " × #AnUpdate

    × " Today Was A Wierd Super Hott Day At Work... I Was Tasked To Teach New Thing's... It Was Nice... Because T.B.H I'm Not Good At Doing The Register At All... A Customer Yelled At Me For Ringing Up And Charging Him The Worng Order... He Was Soo Loud That My Boss Heard Him... IDK Why She Keep's Putting Me On Something That I'm Not Good At.. I Can't Count Change Or Big Bill's... I Have To Count At My Own Pace.. Or I Will Forget What I Was Counting... And The Extremely Hot Weather Is Insane... I Got Sent Home Early... From Work Because The Restaurant Is Like Another Grill / Oven... And Everyone Else Got Sent Home That Worked The Morning Shift... And Then I Fell My Phone Got Messed Up.. The Screen Got Alittle Chipped... And I Also Got Hurt My Knees Got Banged Up Pretty Good... But I Will Be Ok... " × #Stressedout ▪︎☆ S.K. ☆▪︎


    × " Here We Go Again With The Non-Stop Whinning " × #Drama #SoCalledFamily

    × " Sooo I Got A Morning Text From My Sister's Husband Saying The Same Thing... That I Need To Move Out And Apply For Disability... Like Really I Have Been Working My Butt Off For 7 Month's Now... I Have Only $500+ Saved Up Atm... They Don't Get That I Need To Pay For My Ride's And Buy My Own Food & Misc... I Litterly Don't Go Anywhere... Just To Work And Back.. My Monthly Spending On Uber Is Between $1,000 But ATM I'm Currently @$100+ So I Bounce With This Inflation B.S. They Get Mad Because I Come Home Early From Work... 😒 Like I Can Never Catch A Break... Or I'm Lazy And Unmotivated To Help Myself... I'm Doing The Best That I Can... They Just Need To Leave Me Alone.. My Fa.ily Severely Affect's My Mental Health... I'm Working On Getting A Place To Live... But They Want To Bud In On Everything That I Do... This Is Soo Draining And Not Fair... I'm A Target Again Because They Just Need Something To Focus On... Since Thier Old Dog Passed Away... A Few Day's Ago... " × #Stressedout ☆ S.K. ☆


    × " A Rough Day At Work " × 🤬😡 #rant #Stressedout

    × " Today Was Full Of Unexpected Thing's To Do. I Was Doing What I Normally Do Is Set Up And Make Fresh Tortilla's. All Day I Was Getting Bossed Around By Diffrent People. Who Were Not My Boss Today. And I Took Out A Massive Amount Of Trash. And Cleaned The Dine-In Area Again. I Also Made And Order Of 600 Tortilla's. So I'm Exhausted AF. End Of Rant... × Sincerly, ☆ S. K. ☆


    Stresful freaking day. Everything is falling apart. #Anxiety #Stressedout


    We have a Go for venting

    Deep breaths... deep breaths... aaand go for venting!
    Sometimes I just can’t understand my OCPD’er! Not even kidding! For someone who is a professional organizer (on the side) the house is A MESS! I came home today and for the SECOND time in a week the dog didn’t have any food or water while I’ve been at work for 14 hours! Yes, before you as I made sure the dog was full on food/water 🤬🤬 ...deep breaths... I know how fast he (the dog) goes through both and I’m confident that he’s been without for at least a good 7 hours and the water bowl is literally dry.
    You know what my OCPD’er is doing?? STUCK IN WORK MODE #OCPD #Stressedout


    How do I stop being angry for Christmas ?

    Christmas sucks and heres why-
    Me and my boyfriend of 15yrs are going to his parents,we do every year. However recently we have been having some relationship problems. He is a porn addict. I found out a few weeks ago. He has been going to a site called porn hub. I found out and gave him a chance to come clean but he didn't. He lied to me. Come to find out he has been into it since he was 13 and regularly goes there to masturbate. He is 41 now. I am a christian and equate this to mental cheating. It is not okay with me. He told me he had a "power load" and could he please go watch porn. I reluctantly said "I guess" so he did. I balled in the bedroom. So he came in and said he would change for me. Thing is I dont believe him. If he could change wouldn't he have done it already? We have been together for 15 yrs. Is that even possible at this point? and why did he lie? I honestly don't know how to move forward. How can I trust him now? I know there are some people who don't have a problem with that but I do. I feel so hurt and angry and betrayed. We leave for his parents in exactly 1hr. What am I supposed to do? If anybody has some good advice Im open. #scared #Stressedout #pleasehelp


    Thoughts of a "normal" 21 yo guy

    I know I have just stepped inside the actual phase in which we get to experience and explore what " life " is and I didn't experience any "trauma" in my childhood tbh the "trauma" or whatever bad memories we have are just our own and its depth and intensity is how we perceive it to be anyhow lemme tell y'all my "story" both my parents are scholars and have a reputable positions in their field and also they are religious as they were brought up to be that's enough bout them so yea they had and still have huge expectations on me they want me to achieve more than them . they want me live my life " at peace " .The expectations weighed tons to carry around and not only theirs but also the "society's" it wore me down to a point I wasn't able to stand on my legs I mean it wasn't just the expectations I had to carry it was peer pressure and also I had to go through bullying so time had passed I was enrolled in a reputable uni through merit ( they had this entrance examinations ) as my grades in my school weren't that high the thing I lacked was the ability to write what they wanted me to write as I always wrote what I understand I wasn't able get higher grades but always managed to walk the rope so at my uni we had a "strict policy of anti ragging " which was so strict the seniors and lecturers didn't do in the name of ragging and due to change in environment and the inability to mingle with crowd plus my insecurities made me miss my classes and also during the first sem I was diagnosed with my mental illness and was treated for the same but it persisted till now and when I went back the doctor was like you are a grown up and wasn't actually helpful later we switched between a lot of doctors and none were actually trying to help me out but after a while there was one who actually listened to me and was actually willing to help but as my parents started to think that the illness isn't real until we go to doctors and stopped me from taking meds of visiting her and now I had dropped out prepping for IELTS and etc but I still suffer a lot and no one actually cares they want me pursue something overseas but I don't know if I could due to 3 yrs break .#Depression #Stressedout

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    Today is Halloween

    I am going with friends but I have all these worries is there going to be a dog that is going to attack me will I get so stressed out I might faint Will there be a kidnapper AHHH HELP ME #Anxiety #Stressedout #Freakedout