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    × " Ugh! NAG..NAG..NAG.. 24/7 It Never Stop's " × #RudeTexting #Assuming Thing's WithoutAsking

    × " So Man These People Just Won't Stop.. I Got A Text Saying You Make Enough Money For Rent.. Or Are You Planning On Moving Back To El Paso.. And That I Never Ask For Any Help.. I Did And I Met With Eye Roll's And Yelling.. And I Have To Wait Until They Are Un Busy... I Think So.. I Have Never Met A Whole Family Who Loves To Complain About Everything. Yes I Know October Is Coming Up.. Geez I'm Trying To Safely Not Get Ripped Off When Finding A Room Or An Apartment.. Everything People Ask In Rent Is 1,000+ 🙄 Can't Win With Anyone This Is Why I Close Myself Off To The Entire World Of Human's. I Would Laugh If The Next Person Ends Up Here.. Boy They Are In For A Surprise. I Texted Back Yes To Move Back To That Shit Hole Even Though I Don't Want Too " × #venting ☆ S.K. ☆ #SorryForCussingImFrustrated

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