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    Building healthy habits part 2 #stayingwell #Depression #Burnout

    I’ve been loving the journey over the past two weeks of noticing how habits are formed.

    When I notice myself procrastinating I automatically stop and use a tool to keep my moving forward. Something like delayed gratification can help me focus, so when I’m being un productive I think of a reward and enjoy that when I’ve finished a task.

    It might be something like a glass of wine, chocolate, go for a mtb ride, or watch a movie. Just something to help motivate me.

    Another thing that I notice is when my mind feels tired I tend to be less productive, so I stop and make a healthy chicken and salad wrap. Big glass of water and eat some fruit.

    I set a timer for 45 minutes to simply stop and recharge. I often discover that I get more done in 15 minutes than I would have if I pushed on through when I noticed I was feeling tired.

    My journal has been good too. 5 or 6 tasks to do each day. Tick them off as I go. This way I’m steering the ship. Eg as opposed to reacting to problems each day, and feeling like I’m not heading in any direction or going in circles.

    Making bad habits difficult is my final point. Never have alchol at home, it costs me more when I go out and it limits the amount I drink.

    I’m a shocker at drinking at home. I start a 6 pack and quickly I’m crossing it off the list! Not a good habit, however tucking things off a list is a good habit when used appropriately.

    I hope this is helpful and inspires someone here today.

    Great book: Atomic Habits by James Clear. Highly recommend to anyone who is trying to avoid burnout, or struggles with depression and works a high pressure job.

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    Habits and patterns #Anxiety #Depression #stayingwell

    I post here once a week. It’s a routine I’ve established since I recovered from crippling depression a couple of years ago.

    Routines and habits are very important things to be aware of and work at if we are to stay well.

    I’ve realised I’ve been drinking too much, and hate the hangover the next day. How do I form a new habit?

    This is what I’m going to do:

    1. Dry July. No alcohol at all for a month
    2. No alcohol at home in my fridge
    3. Buy a supplement like grape juice
    4. Commit to the gym
    5. Pay entry fee to a local mtn bike race

    I’m looking fwd to this challenge, and will watch my weight drop which will help me on the mtn bike too.

    Habits take 21 days to form and I will be enjoying the natural high that this will bring.

    I’m functioning very well now so it’s easy to slip back into old habits.

    I’ll let you know how it goes! I hope this helps someone today.