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    Building healthy habits part 2 #stayingwell #Depression #Burnout

    I’ve been loving the journey over the past two weeks of noticing how habits are formed.

    When I notice myself procrastinating I automatically stop and use a tool to keep my moving forward. Something like delayed gratification can help me focus, so when I’m being un productive I think of a reward and enjoy that when I’ve finished a task.

    It might be something like a glass of wine, chocolate, go for a mtb ride, or watch a movie. Just something to help motivate me.

    Another thing that I notice is when my mind feels tired I tend to be less productive, so I stop and make a healthy chicken and salad wrap. Big glass of water and eat some fruit.

    I set a timer for 45 minutes to simply stop and recharge. I often discover that I get more done in 15 minutes than I would have if I pushed on through when I noticed I was feeling tired.

    My journal has been good too. 5 or 6 tasks to do each day. Tick them off as I go. This way I’m steering the ship. Eg as opposed to reacting to problems each day, and feeling like I’m not heading in any direction or going in circles.

    Making bad habits difficult is my final point. Never have alchol at home, it costs me more when I go out and it limits the amount I drink.

    I’m a shocker at drinking at home. I start a 6 pack and quickly I’m crossing it off the list! Not a good habit, however tucking things off a list is a good habit when used appropriately.

    I hope this is helpful and inspires someone here today.

    Great book: Atomic Habits by James Clear. Highly recommend to anyone who is trying to avoid burnout, or struggles with depression and works a high pressure job.


    ×"A Follow-Up On My Last Post " × #Draining #Burnout

    × " I Don't Know Why People Assume That I Don't Respect People They Are Being Mean And Disrespectful To Me... The One With Knowledge... This Restaurant Could Use Some Change Today.. The Health Inspector Was Supposed To STOP By... And This Restaurant Is Alway's Disorganized And Messy. I Clean Spotlessly And Customer's Are Slob's.. Food All Over The Floor's The Table's Trash... And My Co-worker's Same Thing Like Pick Up After Yourselve's. It's Not That Hard. I'm Not Anyone's Maid.. And It's Alway's Me Cleaning Up After Everyone... And Don't Start Leaving Me Comment's Like This Is All My Fault... I'm Not Even Going To Offer These People Idea's And Knowledge.. It's A Waste Of My Time.. I Feel Underutilized On Everything That I Have Learned. And Now I'm Supposed To Just Sit Back And Let Them Treat Me Like A Little Girl That Need's To Be Taught Everything. NO! They Just Need To STOP Barking Order's At Me And Just Let Me Do What I'm Supposed To Do.. I Don't Need To Be Told Every 5Second's To Go Clean/Cash-Out... It's Like I'm A Threat To Changing Thier Way Of Doing Thing's. And That's Not Why I'm There. I'm Just There To Pay My Bill's. I'm Not There To Make Friendship's The Customer's Are Super Mean And Rude AF.. I Have A Team Of Co-worker's All They Do Is Talk All Day Long... And Not Being Productive.. Half Of The Time.. I Go In And Don't Talk To Anyone. Only My Boss To Ask What She Want's Done.. I Don't Like Working For People Who Have No Confidence In My Abilitie's And Strong Work Ethic... And Yet I'm Not Good Enough.. I Also Love How People Blame Me For Thing's That Are Other People's Mistake's All The Time.. It's NOT Fair To Me. And Yet Some People Want Respect It Need'sTo Be Rightfully Earned Not Given For Free.. " × #VentingFrustration ☆▪︎▪︎☆▪︎▪︎☆ SKADI ☆▪︎▪︎☆☆▪︎▪︎☆


    My last meeting with a difficult client

    Today was my last day with this job. Indeed, I work in a freelance working schedule, however, I used to take that as a job, I was there always the day and time she needed me.

    I know I need improvement as does everyone in this world. I take constructive feedback well, it helps me to grow, but everyone deserves respect.

    I recorded a video of a fragment of this last meeting. Thanks for your words, this episode happened without affecting my emotions too much. I uploaded the video


    She paid in advance for some hours, she wants reimbursement. of course, I will give her back the money, but I have made an experiment. It is curious how she never had time to reply to a question, she always wanted me to "figure it out myself", but then, I used to do what I thought it was best, and tried to be proactive. But later, she used to tell me that she didn't ask me to do it and that I should ask more questions.

    So, she never had time for a few minutes to reply to some questions/blockers that would help me to do my work. But now, she has been trying to connect with me all afternoon because she wants her money back. So, seems like, in the end, she hasn't been as busy as she always says she is...

    One of the main complaints was that my communication was an issue, my English is good enough to communicate, but still is not perfect, I know I need to improve, but I am a remote worker living in the 3rd world charging her 10 USD per hour. She won't find that rate there in her country with an English native speaker.

    Thanks again :)

    #Impostorsyndrome #Anxiety #Burnout #worklifebalance #Depression #Respect


    How to be a mind reader?

    I know I have ranted before about my job. I am working as a personal assistant, I have worked with several people, and I know I cannot be everyone’s cup of tea, still the rejection makes me sad, I take good feedback because it will help me, but sometimes it drains me. About the current people I am working for:

    They told me to be proactive, but once I started to act proactively, they told me they didn’t ask me to do it. So, then, I wait for their feedback on the tasks and ask them questions, but then, it happens that they tell me they don’t want to micromanage and that I should pay attention and don’t ask many questions. Then I start asking fewer questions and start acting from my perspective of what is good to do, but then they tell me (again) that is not what they wanted and why I didn’t ask :(

    Also, she uses phrases like “I do think”, does that mean she is only thinking, right? Not exactly providing instruction. English is not my main language, I know I am not perfect at that.

    I have had clients in the past, that always used to tell me compliments and I know I am not a piece of garbage, and that I am capable to do things well. But with this person is like every time I am failing.

    #Anxiety #lifeworkbalance #Work #Burnout


    I think I was not made to live in this world

    Always rushing, always fast. Do faster, do more. Always hurrying up. I don't want it this way :(

    #Anxiety #Stress #Burnout


    Burnout vs moving forward #Burnout #Bipolar2Disorder #overwhelmed

    Soooo big things are happening. I am moving to a new country at the end of December. I will be an 11 hour flight from everyone I know. It's both terrifying and exciting at the same time.

    Unfortunately lately I have been slowly getting closer and closer to burnout. The most basic actions exhaust me to my core. It is as though I am a partially functioning person for max 2 hours in the morning and the rest of the time I'm just counting down the minutes until I can go home and go to bed.

    A lot has to be done to prepare for an international move and starting a new job at a new company. I have no annual leave left and my current employer only closes its offices on 15 December. I am honestly a bit scared of how I am going to manage all the pressure of my current job + all the things that go into this move + do well at my new job while suffering from burnout.

    I have months of long work hours left, then I get two weeks to spend Christmas time with my family and pack up my entire life and then I get to be in the UK on 2 January 2023. I have no idea how to manage this situation.


    Habits #Depression #Burnout #Wellbeing

    This last week I started to read a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear. I’ve noticed some habits in my life that don’t serve me well and understanding more about how habits are formed interests me.

    There are 4 stages to any automatic habit.

    1. The event
    2. The craving
    3. The action
    4. The reward

    We only form habits if there’s a reward at the end. Our mind forms habit patterns to free up head space.

    Here’s an example:

    1. The event is I get home from a big day at work, I’m tired.

    2. The craving is I want to relax quickly and need a wine 🍷

    3. The action is I end up drinking the whole bottle and spend money 💰

    4. The reward is I have a fun night, feel relaxed and sleep well.

    The downside of this habit is that the next day I feel sick, slow mind, lack energy for excercise and put on weight. This habit needs to change.

    This is interesting stuff. I hope to share more about my journey here.

    I do have plenty of good habits Eg posting here every Monday! My home is organised and tidy. I love my work and life. So it’s good to notice the good habits and not dwell on the bad ones.


    How Your Job Can Impact Your Physical and Mental Health

    People like to say, "It's just a job" but the reality is- we're at our jobs a majority of our week. And the fact of the matter is, our jobs can have a big impact on our mental health.

    If you have ever worked a toxic job you know the toll a job can take on your mental and physical health.

    Today's podcast guest became so physically sick from her job that she thought she had an undiagnosed disease or illness. She spent over a year going to different doctors and specialists only to discover what she was suffering from was poor mental health from her toxic job. Listen to today's podcast episode to learn how Anjum's job impacted her mental health and how she came up with a plan to leave her toxic job.


    #MentalHealth #Burnout #JobStress #poormentalhealth #physicalsymptoms #somatization #mentalhealthpodcast