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#Thenewme #Hopeforthefuture #strongmind #Selflove

Building a new me feels like building a a house from just dust and rubble... but bricks can be made from dust and rubble, it just requires more effort! The worst feeling for me when I was diagnosed with depression was the feeling of loss of the person I was before. I loved the old me. I loved her chubbiest, her feistiness and sassiness, her stubbornness and her ability to do absolutely anything she put her mind to. And then I lost her due to a traumatic experience in my life when I was 15. The love of my life says I have not... she is in there somewhere... he can see it. But I can’t. And I hate that feeling. But I hope someday I will look back on these years and say “I like the new me better. She is stronger, more powerful and more experienced with life. She knows to expect anything in life and deal with it with strength, grace and happiness”. Until then... I hope and I do what I can to keep myself alive with the help of whoever is willing to be there for me. And even though sometimes I feel lonely I tell myself to be strong because my mind is the strongest, most powerful resource I have and I can conquer the negative thoughts, I can conquer the barriers in my mind that hold me back. Inspire yourself ⭐️

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