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Lil Stuffed Friends

Hi, from your local lesbian! A user here and I talked about how there shouldn't be shame in being an adult with a stuffed friend (I'm 20). I wanted to find a way to show him so here's a picture I took because he looked so cute haha. I even edited it through VSCO. Anyway, his name's Oscar. Oscar because it has to be an "O" name since he's an octopus, of course; but "Oscar" because I love Oscar Isaac. I love my gay space dad! 🪐💫✨

Stuffed friends are great for comfort and has nice soft-squisy properties. Plus, they will never judge you since they're always there🐙

#Anxiety #AnxietyDisorders #Trauma #CPTSD #LGBTQ #stuffedanimals #MentalHealth

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Plushie power

I’m a big fan of collecting plushies.
They helped me a lot to recover from my trauma’s. I’m a 26 year old woman, paying rent every month, going to study Social Work soon, seen and experienced a lot of shit and yet, I still cuddle and sometimes sleep with stuffed animals. It is their softness and innocent look that attracts me and they are growing in numbers as I’m writing this. I hope to move out to a bigger place and that I can afford it to adopt a dog, a rescue or even a servicedog. Untill then, I have plushies.
Does anyone recognize something similar? #Trauma #traumasurvivor #RecoveryBox #WRAP #Autism #stuffedanimals #plushies #softness #BeKind21

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Who else sleeps with their baby blanket or stuffed animal?

If you do, how old are you and what are your thoughts? Do you think it’s healthy or unhealthy?
I’m 23 and sleep with my baby blanket. #babyblanket #Blanket #stuffedanimals #MentalHealth