I always have a question in my mind why they both[my brother and my mother] treat me like this. the conservation with us is based on their mood if they are in good mood then they treat me like a family member but if their mood is not right then get angry on me. for them I am nothing. they never understand me as their daughter and sister. sometimes I feel like I have no place between them.

I am a 12th pass student and getting a 1-year gap for my medical test preparation. I need some calm place but my brother is always blaming me and insulting me by saying that you are failed one year, you are shamed for us you are a burden on our family. every time I hear this and get emotionally harm inside my mind but I have no right to show it. I feel frustrating. but today i just explode but i dont have courage to speak out from my heart. not crying in front them.