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'13 Reasons Why' Season Two Episode Reviews

“13 Reasons Why” was one of the most talked-about shows of 2017. This season, we’re analyzing what each episode means for the mental health community.

Editor's Note

If you experience suicidal thoughts, the following post could be potentially triggering. You can contact the Crisis Text Line by texting “START” to 741741.

Season two of “13 Reason’s Why” premieres on Friday, May 18, and here at The Mighty, we’re reviewing all 13 episodes of season two. “13 Reasons Why” was one of the most talked-about shows of 2017. Because of the show’s mental health focus, we have two Mighty staff editors — Jordan and Juliette — watching and reviewing the show so you know what to expect. They will also be analyzing what this season means for the mental health community. 

Juliette was nicknamed the “13 Reasons Why” beat editor at The Mighty because she edited over 20 Mighty contributor responses to the show. She has lots of thoughts about the problematic way suicide was handled in season one, and hopes the show will do better in this regard the second time around. She wants to see Jessica survive and thrive and thinks Mr. Porter is the worst. Jordan is the editorial director of news and lifestyle at The Mighty. She initially refused to watch "13 Reasons Why" because of the graphic nature of the show, but decided to binge watch it the week before season two premiered for the sake of reviewing it. Her favorite character is Tony, largely because of his resemblance to Bruno Mars.

This page is a hub for all things “13 Reasons Why.” Below you will find analysis of each episode in season two, as well as some photos from the season. Because we will be “binge-watching” the show when it comes out, we will update this page in real time — so check back often! Before we dive in, we outlined some questions we have for season two in our recap of season one.

clay and skye 13 Reasons Why

Episode 1: “The First Polaroid”

The first episode begins with the Baker’s lawsuit against Liberty High, Clay and Skye dating and Alex and Jessica’s return to school.

Episode 2: “Two Girls Kissing”

The second episode shows Alex coping with his disability and Jessica navigating life at Liberty High after her sexual assault.

Episode 3: “The Drunk Slut”

Episode three of “13 Reasons Why” season two focuses on Jessica’s testimony in court. Will she open up about Bryce raping both her and Hannah?

Jessica and Alex at the beach, embracing.

Episode 4: “The Second Polaroid”

Episode four shows Justin detoxing, Marcus’s testimony and Jessica and Alex coming to terms with their new normal.

ryan from 13 reasons why

Episode 5: “The Chalk Machine

Season two episode five of “13 Reasons Why” centers on Ryan’s testimony, and each character’s own experience of loneliness.

Hannah and Zach talking in Hannah's bed.

Episode 6: “The Smile at the End of the Dock”

Episode six starts with Zach’s testimony. Zach reveals the nature of his and Hannah’s relationship. Justin makes a return to Liberty High.

clay and hannah on drug trip, "13 reasons Why"

Episode 7: “The Third Polaroid”

In the seventh episode of “13 Reasons Why” season 2, we learn Hannah and Clay experiment with drugs.

Bryce Walker standing in front of his locker. The word "rapist" is grafittied on it.

Episode 8: “The Little Girl”

In episode eight, Mr. and Mrs. Baker testify, Justin overdoses and Skye gets diagnosed with a mental illness.

mr. Porter "13 Reasons Why"

Episode 9: “The Missing Page”

In episode nine of “13 Reasons Why” season two, we see Mr. Porter’s trial and Tyler and Cyrus burn the word, “rapists” into the baseball field.

Image of Tony testifies

Episode 10: “Smile, Bitches”

In episode 10, Tony testifies, an old classmate of Hannah sheds new light on her character and more about the clubhouse is revealed.

Episode 11: “Bryce and Chloe

Bryce and Chloe give their testimonies on episode 11 of “13 Reasons Why” season two.

Clay, Alex, Tony and Zach from "13 Reasons Why"

Episode 12: “The Box of Polaroids”

In episode 12, Justin testifies, the Bakers’ trial comes to an end and arrests are made.

Photo of Clay looking sad at the school dance.

Episode 13: “Bye”

Episode thirteen includes a graphic sexual assault scene and a gun violence plot at a school dance. A memorial service is held for Hannah and Justin and Bryce receive their sentences.

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If you find yourself struggling to remember all the names and faces of characters in “13 Reasons Why,” have no fear! We created a graphic with all the main players we expect to see in the upcoming season.

As you watch season two, we want to hear what you think! Use the hashtag #WatchWithTheMighty when you post your thoughts on social media or let us know what you think in the comments below.

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