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Suicide attempt survivors in The Mighty’s Mental Health Community talk about suicide awareness and their own experiences.


“Things might be ridiculously hard right now and that’s OK, it happens. What’s important is that we find the things that work for us, that keep us here, that keep us alive, for one more week or five more minute, and we do them.” -Alyse Ruriani

Talking About Suicide With People Who’ve Been There: The Mighty’s Mental Health Community

“You may be feeling like no one sees you and you don’t have a purpose and I want to let you know that is a lie. You were born for a purpose, you are still alive for a purpose, and this pain won’t last forever. There is hope and joy on the other side, so please keep fighting and living.” -Brittani Coore

“I have been there, but listen — don’t. You matter, your story matters and your life, all of it, matters. Progress can be made.” -Marshall Taylor

“I am praying for those of you who are struggling, who have struggled, and are not sure what tomorrow holds, so you just keep your eyes up and know that this too shall pass.” -Jenny Andrews

“I just want you to know that from Bentley and Calie, we believe in you, and you’ve got this. This dark place isn’t going to be dark for long, and soon the light is gonna be even better, and you’re gonna get there. And just know it’s going to be great.” -Chelsea Lutz

“As someone who has dealt with suicidal ideation since they were 16 years old, and received a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder, I thought that uncertainty was my worst enemy. But now I know that with uncertainty there is hope. You never know what tomorrow will bring.” -Collin Schuster

“We all have beautiful complex brains, and figuring out the way that your brain functions in the most mentally healthy way is the greatest gift you can give yourself. So give yourself that gift because you absolutely deserve it.” -Anna Shinoda

“You are incredibly valid, your pain is valid, and there’s a whole community of people out there who want to listen and support you, and I hope that you keep trying.” -Alicia Raimundo

“You are perfectly you, beautiful and valid and worthy of love. You are full of the brightest of brights and the darkest of darks. You are human, replete with empathy, joy and a capacity for so much awe and wonder.” -Non Wels

“I want to say you’re not alone in your fight for good health and good spirits. We’re all fighting that good fight together, and I believe in you and I’m thinking of all of you today.” -Caitlyn Pilkington

“I just want to tell anyone who’s in a dark place right now, that it is OK if you are in this dark place. You are human and allowed to go through things. But I also want you to know that you can get out of this dark place. Keep living.” -Jasmin Pierre

Originally published: September 21, 2018
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