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To the lady who stared at my son

To the lady who stared at my son…

It always makes me uneasy to say the least when a stranger approaches me. At first they are all smiles looking at my big eyed curly haired son! I must admit he’s quite a charmer but then something changes in their expressions…

Dear lady who stared at my son,

That day you stared you had no idea that day earlier I cried because my son isn’t walking and that we are still perfecting the (sit, pull, cruise routine) with physical therapy. That day you didn’t know that I was having bad back pain and my girls were fighting earlier that day. You didn’t know that I spilled my coffee that morning and it was my last k-cup. In other words I was having some rough times!

I carried on the day and made it to my girls last swim lesson before fall lessons began. When you approached me, your eyes were bright and a big smile came across your face as my son Isaiah waved at you. You said ooo he’s so cute!! All that hair!!

Then there was the usual awkward silence that comes from a stranger when they suddenly notice a little something different. Yep I noticed your body language change. You then asked how old he was as I watched your son run up to you and hug your legs. I answered and you without question said your son was 19 months. Only 4 months older than Isaiah but was running to his mom.

I had already reflected on what Isaiah hadn’t accomplished yet. The series of doubt entered my spirit again. As I answered your question I noticed you moved to a different angled view of where we were sitting. I saw your facial expressions change. As I watched I wondered if I should just blurt out that yes my son has Down syndrome or just ask you why you stared or what it was you were questioning about him.

Yes he is a little different but he’s also a lot alike. Lady who stared at my son. That small moment that you stared down at us made me question myself and what I was doing. I felt defeated from the days events but today’s a new day and I won’t allow stares to dim my light or his.

He’s smarter than the rest, above and not beneath, the head and not the tail! Gods got Him and he’s got me too. So it wasn’t his disability that made you stare…I now believe you saw the light of Gods grace within him and around him.

So please next time just smile as you stare 😉we are undefeated!!



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