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Good morning everyone #goodfriday #blessings #spiritualty

As we enter through this Easter bank holidays, take a minute for yourself.

Doing a self-check and taking time just for ourselves isn’t selfish, it requires the motivation needed, on the road to recovery 🗣️💪✨ #areyouok #Wellbeing #smallsteps

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How does having chronic illness bring blessings to you?

I've gotten some impressions that I should recognize the blessings of chronic illness. I'm struggling trying to figure them all out by myself. One thing is that the sweet moments are more meaningful when they happen because we appreciate the joys even in the midst of pain. Your turn!!

Oh, I saw a moose in town while getting lost from brain fog moment so that was an unexpected blessing, too!! 🤣

#blessings #chronic illness #Gratitude #Joy #Pain #moose #BrainFog #meaningfulmoments

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Unexpected Circumstances But Not Defeated #Life #challenges & #blessings

Recently I share about a math course I am taking. Unexpectedly my funds for the tuition were cut. I dropped the course. Sadly, I found out I owe a balance for the tuition a few hours before my second class meet time. And because I am out of work due to a medical leave, I simply cannot pay or create more debt, especially when I am paying to increase additional stress in my life because I am learning complicated math skills, during this season of recovery.

Am I bummed? Yes, a little bit. I was geared-up, emotionally, to take the course. But this “geared-up” energy is an aspect of my nature that my cognitive therapist challenged me to rid myself of: I am a “go getter!” But that characteristic is fueled by pain and anxiety driven strength.

So, not taking the course is probably better for my recovery despite my desire to keep forging ahead with earning my degree. And one thing I am learning during this medical leave is taking the stress out of unexpected circumstances. I can admit I am bothered. Cry if necessary. And then continue living life.

My traumatized habitual thinking tried to shift my thoughts to a degrading place with these thoughts: what will others think; am I quitting; my life is a mess; I should have put the balance on credit. But my—in the process of—rewiring my neural plasticity’s way of thinking, reminded me how this dropped course is beneficial: no new debt to stress about; realizing my upcoming six-month neural assessment will be conducted the day before our first mid-term “quiz.” So, WOW! When I realized the latter, I see this financial issue as a blessing in disguise. Those two events occurring at the same time would have created a serious amount of stress on my brain. Phew!

Thanks for providing us the platform to share and work through our life events! Indeed, this is a place connecting #themighty!

#Anxiety #sadness
#selfcare #selfcompassion

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Faith in The One ☝️

#AllGlory #blessings #onelove #god

For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. —2 Corinthians 5:21 ESV

OneLove Above moreover Morning Star ⭐️ and a Dove 🕊️


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My Thanksgiving Snack Board

Choosing Health is a blessing.
I found this beautiful Fall striped tray at a thrift store. The snacks are, from left to right:
Classic hummus
Cucumber sticks
Dried apricots
Green grapes
Gingersnap cookies

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Sorry for not posting anything. Just as soon as I started this I got hit hard. Ya’ll know what I mean. The last month has been especially brutal as I did something stupid to my back and haven’t been able to sit up or stand for any length of time. I’m not a fan of pain killers, ( just personally) no judgment here, and have been forced to take them just to reduce the tension and spasms. Arg. Anyway, today things are looking brighter. I walked around my house! #blessings

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The Blessing #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Hope #PTSD #Christianity #Faith #blessings

I wanted to share this blessing, just for you. Features my daughter and a champion young man in my church.