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Finding A Part Time Job Is A Struggle For Me. #TheStruggleIsActuallyReal 😤

Well I Would Like To Keep Going To School. But You Need $ To Follow Your Dream's. I Don't Really Want To Go Back To Doing My Old Frist Job. It Was Very Stressful. #sale 's Advisor For Costco. I Would Love To Do A Job That I Would Like. To Move On To My Actual Dream Professional Job. A Licensed Massage Therapist. There Has To Be Something Out There For Me. I Don't Want To Re-Apply And Wait For SSI Disability. Fighting With Those People Already Has Me Discouraged. To Do It Again..And Play There Dumb Waiting Game. I've "Never" Asked To Be Born With #cerebral Palsy # Learning Disabilities. New Mental Disabilities #P .T.S.D # S.A.D. 😔😤 🌹

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