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    ° " So Today Was An OK Day.. My GM Was Off Today. " ° #Anxiety #depression

    ° " It Was A Sort Of OK Work Day. I Worked With A New Assistant Manager... But I Got Yelled At By Him. Because The District Manager Called... Asking If I Sold Any Of "The New Crunch Pizza"... I Honestly Told Him No... Because These Manager's Don't Tell Us. When We Are Selling These New Food Item's... And He Made Me Feel Like I Was Lying To Him. At The End Of The Day. I Did Sell One Dumb Pizza Finally. But Customer's Are Not. Intrested. Maybe Later I Wish These People Weren't So Pushy... Like If You Don't Like The Way I Do Thing's... Then Train Someone Else To Your Liking... I'm An Empath I Feel Other People's Bad Energy All The Time. And It Affect's Me. My Boss Doesn't Seem To Understand That I Have #cerebral Palsy #Scoliosis ... I Have To Pace Myself I Will Pull Something.. Plus I Have A Broken Right Foot Lutterly Since Childhood.. So It Hurt's And My Muscle's Get Stretched Alot And I End Up Very Sore. Where The Next Morning... I Can't Get Myself Out Of Bed. My Pain Level Is At A 10 Sometime's 8... I Wish People Would Just Not Be So Ignorant... I Guess It's Profit's And Money... Over The Disabled Person... " × ▪︎ SKAOI KVITRAVN ▪︎ #Thought 's

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    ☆ " What Are You Looking Forward To Going Into #2023 " ☆ #Thought 's

    ° " My One Wish Is To Be Treated Like A Human Being... For People To Really Get To Know And Understand Me... And What I Can Bring To The Table... In Life.. Not To Shun Me Just Because #cerebral Palsy #Scoliosis #PTSD #Depression And More Are A Huge Part Of My Life... I'm Not Any Of My Physical × Mental Illnesses... "° ☆▪︎ SKADI KVITRAVN ▪︎☆ #Thought 's

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    × " Sigh... It's Really Annoying Having Depression..P.T.S.D..Anxiety.. Social Anxiety Disorder..

    × " My Main 2 Are Visable And Painful.. Being Born With #cerebral Palsy #Scoliosis . Are Costly To Maintain. And Now My Mental Health One's.. Are Draining.. Too At Work When My Male Co-worker's Pass By Me.. My Hypervigilence's Are Turned On... And I Get Jumpy And Have Panic Attack's.. I Don't Like Being Touched At All Anymore... So It's Going To Be Hard For Me To Form Any Kind Of A Romantic Relationship.. I Have Been Single 2 Year's.. And I Might Remain This Way Which Is A Bummer.. I Wish People To Understand Me.. Yes I Need To See A Therapist Eventually... But I Have Massive TRUST ISSUE'S.. And I Understand That One Day Some Guy Will End Up Loving Me For Me... But Right Now.. I'm At A Stand Offish Mode.. I Can't Let Someone In.. And With All Of These Viruse's... How Can Anyone Go On A Date... I'm Like At The Point Where That's Doesn't Matter To Me Anymore... I Love Being Single... Because I Don't Have To Worry About Someone Else.. And Stress Out.. My Last Realtionship Was Co-Dependant.. And I Wasn't Made A 1st Priority... I Felt Like A 3rd Wheel. I'm Happy To Have Experienced Being Married.. But It's Just Not For Me.. And Also I Physically Can't Have Anymore Kids.. It's To Dangerous For Me To Carry And Have One.. These Are My True Reason's.. Please Respect Them... " × Sincerly, ☆▪︎☆ S.K. ☆▪︎☆


    Does anyone have bladder issues related to their tumors? #cerebral Palsy



    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is jackonwheels99. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story.


    #Anxiety #cerebral Palsy


    × " I Find It Funny That People Keep Telling Me That I Should Work A Second Job.?? " × #exhausted #FromFightingForMyLife

    × " I Keep Getting Told To Find A Second Job.. Because The One I Have Currently Is Not Enough For Me To Live Off On My Own. I Only Have A High School Degree...I Don't Have A College Degree It Take's $$$ And Forever..Plus With My Learning Disabilities.. It Would Be A Pain. Everything That I Do Is Ever Good Enough...People Want To See Me Fail At Restarting My Life...Like Thing's Take Time...I Earn A Weekly Paycheck And That's Not Good Enough...Like Geez I'm Not Going To Over Work Myself...My Hand's Are Now Starting To Give Me..Issue's I'm In So Much Pain...But I Want To Live Independently And At Peace...I Couldn't Work For 15 Year's.. I Suffer From #cerebral Palsy #scoliosis #severe Tendinitis Etc. It's Stupid To Me To Have To Relay On The Government For Help. I'm So Used To Being Poor...And Living Within My Mean's..Not Spending...All Of My Money..I Only Spend My Money On Uber For Work...I Can't Drive Do To My #CP ..I Used To Use A Walker And Crawl On My Hand's x Knee's...My Ex Had To Give Me Bath's And Pull Me Out Of The Shower x Help Me Get Dressed. I Work 5 Day's A Week...And Have 2 Regular Day's Off.. But I Go In When I'm Needed To Help Out.. Because That's How I'am Helpful. I Don't Think That I Can Do Two Full-time Job's. × Sincerely , ☆ S.K. ☆ #exhausted #SickOfFightingForMyRight 's.


    × " Living In A World With Chronic Debilitating Pain & Fatigue For A Lifetime " ×

    × " Imagine Crying Yourself To Try And Get Some Much Needed Sleep. But Your Leg's Are On Fire With Shock's Of Constant Wave's Of Sharp Pin's & Needle's. Your Whole Body Is Paralyzed And Can't Get Out Of Bed In The Morning...I Suffer With Chronic Sleep & Tendinitis My Pain Level Range's From 6 To A 10 Then I Have To Go To The Hospital To Get Medical Attention.. When I Was A Child At 6 Year's Old. I Have Been Through Six Surgerie's. My Childhood Doctor Mulitated My Leg's My Tendon's Are Shortened For Unknown Reason's. So I Have One Leg Shorter Than The Other. And Then They Wanted To Do Back Surgery On Me Next. My Parent's Didn't Bother To Ask Question's 1st. Or Do Enough Research On #cerebral Palsy. It's Amazing To Me That I Haven't Ended Up A Drug Addict To Take Away This Pain...That I Have To Live With.. Lower Back Pain...Cramp's In My Leg's Painful Shock's At Night. Shaking...Tremor's In My Leg's...And Now My Hand's Are Starting To Have Tremor's...And Pain. My Memory Is Fading...And I'm Only 37 Going On 38...This Is Why I'm Never Happy And Fake It Till I Make It...With People In My Life. Here I Don't Have To Become Anything Else.. But The Mighty Master Poet That I Love Being.. Stretching Help's But Only Alitte...Medicine Meh Doesn't Do Anything... Unless It's Really Good. But I March On With My Life..And Not Let The Pain Destory My Inner Peace Of Small Happiness.. Sincerely, ☆ S.K. ☆ #AnInsight


    × " My Boss Love's My Strong Work Ethic " × #SoHappy #SomeoneSee 'sMe ❤

    × " I LOVE Working It Keep's Grounded × Focused...I Don't Like Staying At Home. The Only Reason Why I Was A Stay At Home Wife. Was Because Of My #cerebral Palsy. For 15 Year's. I Love Meeting Uber Driver's And Having Meaningful Long lasting Conversation's. I Sometime's Get The Same Uber Driver's. I Like Working Because I Don't Want To Just Sit I Can't Because Of My #Anxiety .. Working Really Help's Me Control My #Introverted Self #social Anxiety Disorder...But I'm In Pain Working On A Broken Foot Since Childhood. Is Painful. But I Love Working. And The People That I Work For. Is It Wierd That I'm Starting To Become A Workaholic. ☆ S.K. ☆


    Finding A Part Time Job Is A Struggle For Me. #TheStruggleIsActuallyReal 😤

    Well I Would Like To Keep Going To School. But You Need $ To Follow Your Dream's. I Don't Really Want To Go Back To Doing My Old Frist Job. It Was Very Stressful. #sale 's Advisor For Costco. I Would Love To Do A Job That I Would Like. To Move On To My Actual Dream Professional Job. A Licensed Massage Therapist. There Has To Be Something Out There For Me. I Don't Want To Re-Apply And Wait For SSI Disability. Fighting With Those People Already Has Me Discouraged. To Do It Again..And Play There Dumb Waiting Game. I've "Never" Asked To Be Born With #cerebral Palsy # Learning Disabilities. New Mental Disabilities #P .T.S.D # S.A.D. 😔😤 🌹


    x Having An Episode Currently...I Try To Tell People How I'm Feeling....Why Bother ? 😤#Depression Episode

    I Haven't Slept Very Well In The Last Few Weeks Lately x My Episode's Are More Intense With Crying Myself To Sleep From My Chronic Low Back Pain... My #CP Is No Joke I'm In So Much Severe Pain.. I Can Barely Walk.. That's Why I Don't Go Out Much. My #PTSD # S.A.D x Are Non 🛑. One Day I'm Happy The Next Day..I Feel So Alone With My Physical 🥀 Mental Disabilities.. My Family Think's That I Make This Up To Avoid Getting A Job And I'm 🛑 I Did Work Before My Marriage Ended x I Wish They Got Educationally Involved In Studying What #cerebral PALSY..#PTSD ..#s .A.D x Are & What They Do To Someone Everyday. I'M 🚫 LAZY NOR I'AM UNMOTIVATED. I Really Feel Like I Can " NEVER " Do Anything Right In My Family..I Will Never Be Good Enough...😔😤😭#Depression Episode