YES IT IS. You can switch all of it or part of it.
I see many of us asking/wishing for a ON and OFF button, right?

You CAN switch off actually. It requires an enormous control over your mind tho.
Come on! We are talking about the brain and mind here, right? The mind is a powerful tool. It is more powerful than you ever thought about. Believe me. I'm not talking about X-Men here or other fantasy movie. I'm talking about milestones certain people in the world reach to demonstrate how POWERFUL of a tool our mind is. Real facts. But for now let's go back to the topic of mental health and switching off.
You can switch off your mind in a positive way and in a negative way.

The positive way it happen when you can live your life and be happy...without being bothered by the bad thinkings or darkness that might come at your mind. You switch off that part and on the neutral and good part only. The negative part will be stuck behind the shield of protection activated after you pressed the off. For keep this up tho, you must have a well balanced mind and a control over it that it's NOT forced but mostly it's just peace at full power. KNOWLEDGE, ACCEPTANCE AND PEACE OF MIND are needed. Balance is the key. Some gurus and monks reach that level and far more.

You can off your mind in a negative way too. You will just off both positive and negative feelings tho. You will not be feeling any kind of emotions anymore. You will still be able to live, stay strong and do stuff but you will just not feel anything. More like an android. You will lose also your understanding of what is good or bad, what is pain, what compassion is, what "sense of measure" is and you will not be valuing life (yours or others) too. Not because you are sick on the mind but just because it will not be a concept anymore in your mind. There is so much more that I have to say about this topic but I think this is more than enough for now.

First of all I think there is a big misconception of what it mean to switch off and a luck of infos on what will happen if you actually do it.

When I did try the "GOOD SWITCH OFF" I fail and never actually achieve it. Mostly because I'm not at that lvl and I recognize it. Those monks and gurus dedicate their life to it and only few of them reach that. They somewhat become ALSO detached from everything reaching a certain lvl of enlightenment. I don't want that so it's ok.
You can manage to do a middle way tho and that's more than enough for reach satisfaction and happiness with yourself and others. That's the level we all need.

I did reach the second one tho. The "BAD SWITCH OFF" might look appealing but it's not that simple. It felt...well...maybe I will tell the story one of these days. I don't think I'm ready to share that for now...sorry.
The point is that you CAN DO IT. Both of them. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF YOUR MIND!😊❤️

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