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Basking in the sun shirtless #justTransThings #Ftm #trans #Transgender #topsurgery

Things I never knew that I would ever do like taking into sunset without a shirt and documenting it because for years and years I thought I would never be able to be in a position that I was able to get top surgery and I'm so much more happier than I was with just having everyday life but I appreciate so much things like clothing and just having the ability and freedom to just swim whenever I want without having to worry about layers and anything like that and my dysphoria has gone down tremendously.

And people don't understand that top surgery or any other gender affirming surgery and healthcare just let us live a normal life and function properly and just enjoy the world at its fullest.


anyone here live in denver and have started transitioning with insurance covering it? I'm moving there soon and need to know the coverage.

#topsurgery #Transman