"Patient states that she is depressed. She denies contemplating suicide."

The thing is, you didn't ask. I get you're busy. I'm just another patient. You just met me. You've already made so many assumptions, why not another one? I have answered this question literally thousands of times. It's not awkward for me. Is it hard for you? It is necessary. It's more important than that scale you had me step on. More indicative of my health than that blood pressure reading with that cuff that didn't fit. Better analysis than your quick assessment of the "normal" lab work which is outside of the statistical definition of a normal distribution, but you don't know that I do that kind of work for a living. So, I will go back, Doctor. Back next month for that appointment not because I have faith in our long term relationship, but because you didn't ask. And you need to ask. You need to ask me and every patient after me. Because I want you to be like the doctor that asked me before. I want you to save a life. #Suicide #MentalHealth #toughconvo #savealife