#I know we are supposed to be uplifting. But that is so far from me. #I am beyond sad and depressed it feels different I feel lonely ,please don’t tell me it will ,stop or it’s my imagination #I never been this empty of feelings my daughter goes back on Thursday and I will be alone,My husband tells me to not think about how I feel, # I try taking to him but he doesn’t want to hear it.It’s all in my head. He told me yesterday I was crazy what’s wrong with you. I like to guff off with my kids he has lost what it felt like to be a kid I. # I have not I want to play and have some kind of fun. #he quite a study job , it made he’s nerves bad ,he said he has work lined up but I must admit I have been through this maney times.But I know he doesn’t like the people he did work. #he got paid onces a month , he didn’t like that ,they didn’t get a long. But at this time I think it a blessing to have a job. So he tells me to save my money to pay rent , I have my own bills to pay. And I have pad two of mine the others come out automatically.And He knows this , he paid he’s stuff I paid mine . #I am upset about all this.so of course my fibromyalgia has come full blown and can’t stop crying , I am trying to drink enough to stop the pain and hurt, O and the hurt is for my old man and someone else. #I hope that drinking enough it will stop the pain. That is intense.And my meds and know I am not taking any more than I should. I hope this helps me to find some kind of peace, but I doubt it #