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    The Devil was once an Angel #irony

    Book, umbrella and mind are some examples that they're only "work" (give some "advantage" when they are open!


    Conditional love #MentalIllness #roadtobetteringourself

    Hi everyone . I wanted to bring up the topic today of conditional love. I’m a new “mightie” and wanted to reach out. So recently on my journey of navigating and learning about my mental illness and myself I’ve began to not be bias. I learned that I have conditional love for my loved ones and others. This was very heartbreaking to learn because I would have never imagined that. I thought I was so kind and caring but stripping back my layers on a path to the best me.... I found some ugly things along the way, I’m now learning how to cope with and better. This specific thing has really been troubling me and I wanted some insight and knowledge from any of you. Maybe you also suffer from this or how to deal with/change this. #morningcoffeethoughts #becomingbetter #honesty #Mentalillnessfeelslike #MentalHealth #journeytofindmyself #uglytruth