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Lost my diagnosis #RareDisease #irony #PrimaryImmunodeficiency

Hey guys
It is very frustrating and ironic. On the 28th of February (international Rare Disease Day) I lost my diagnosis of a rare disease. If this isn’t the universe mocking me, I do not know what it is… Sadly this means I will not be able to receive tratement and am on field one again. But luckily other diagnoses have been in discussion…. We‘ll see but for the moment I‘m pretty frustrated. Because I am no longer diagnosed with SAD (Selective Antibody Defficiency) I will try to give this group to someone else.

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The Devil was once an Angel #irony

Book, umbrella and mind are some examples that they're only "work" (give some "advantage" when they are open!

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The procrastination #irony

Heh heh, I keep visiting the Mighty to commiserate with other people about procrastinating.

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The last loo roll?

So here it is, quite possibly the last loo roll that was available in my area tonight.

Shops were almost empty with the anticipated panic buy that the majority are in just now, fortunately the lass behind the counter had one in reserve.

I find myself reflecting on the mass behaviour of the majority, the people who have the need to stock up and how their behaviour mirrors our own.

Take the trigger, in this case, the virus outbreak, the external event that causes the problem.

Next the emotions, panic, fear, anxiety, all the old guard that we are accustomed to frequently.

Now the behaviours, it impulsivity to stock up on everything, food, drink, loo roll, hand gels etc. No rationale at the volume needed, just the intense need to satisfy the uncomfortable emotions experienced.

So the next time I'm questioned, doubted, mocked about my behaviour, I will come come back to this time and ask for an explanation and their reason for not being able to relate.

#BPD #panicbuy #Reflection #irony


Anyone here also have a diagnosis of Focal Segmental Glomular Sclerosis (FSGS) a type of kidney disease

I have also hit the jackpot #irony and have RA, Degenerative Disc Disease, anxiety and chronic pain.


Meds #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicIllness

Took a day to take in/accept that I am out of work another three weeks now due to illness. Also taking this time to undertake a long-overdue antidepressant change. I need lots of time with few demands to do this right. Even so, tapers make me anxious. #irony Just going to ride it out. 😬