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    Honesty could lead to me taking my life

    I had a very bad mental health break down at home. I lashed out and broke down in front of my brother multiple times today. I obviously need a lot more help mentally

    I wanted to tell my dad about everythign tonight but I fear his response could lead to me wanting to take my life

    #help #Suicide #honesty

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    Afraid of judgment by therapisf

    I see a clinical psychologist about once a month, and lately I’ve been feeling like she judges me.

    I’m going to be honest…I believe I am imagining it out of guilt for my shortcomings and issues.

    But it is affecting how honest I am with her. I know…I know in my heart of hearts, and with my whole brain that honesty is the most important thing when dealing with my mental health team.

    My husband says I should bring it up with her. But then I worry about her judging me for my paranoia…

    Where does it end?

    Have you ever been in a position like this? How did you handle it? #BipolarDisorder #Therapy #Judgment #honesty

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    Weekly sharing (7)

    <p>Weekly sharing (7)</p>
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    Honesty, Truth, Authenticity, Acceptance

    Sometimes there will be a theme that comes up for me throughout a period of time. Today's recurring theme has been Truth.

    The day began with providing my partner with some peer support. They needed reminding of the Truth of how things are, and to be reminded of the Truth of who they are. We discussed radical acceptance and living authentically.

    After lunch, I had a workshop on the Seven Sacred Teachings offered to us by indigenous peoples across the continent. Today's teaching was honesty, to others, to ourselves, in relation to reality, and in relation to our spiritual path and guides. Speaking and living and acting in Truth.

    Before dinner, I chose to watch a nostalgic kid's movie about an important car race. One of the characters meditates on desert hill between races, seeking guidance from his ancestors. He receives a vision, an elder who speaks to him and warns him of a danger in his path. The man believes this danger to be a physical threat and continues with caution. After the next race, he goes to meditate and the elder comes to him again. When he asks the elder what the danger was, the elder replied, "The greatest danger of all is to see only what you want to see, and not what is true."

    Does this theme of honesty and truth resonate for anyone else today?

    And does this ever happen to you? Do you recieve thematic lessons from the universe, etc?

    #MentalHealth #Spirituality #Truth #honesty #RadicalAcceptance #authenticity

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