My name is Tristan Reid and I hope you will be interested to learn about my unique and fascinating memoir, You Don’t Look Like An Ultrarunner.

You Don’t Look Like An Ultrarunner (from obsessive twitcher to unlikely ultrarunner, negotiating life with a bipolar brain) follows my life from my time working in a zoo in Cornwall, to finding employment as an ecologist in Cumbria.and on to the present day.

This book is a compelling read that looks at the obsessive world of twitching, international birding, tattoo collecting and ultimately, ultrarunning. All with the very difficult challenges that come with a bipolar diagnosis.

You Don't Look Like An Ultrarunner follows me as a former twitcher, ecologist, tattoo collector and conservation activist as I negotiate life’s difficulties either side of my bipolar diagnosis. This story follows my journey across the UK and Ireland, into the Arctic and south to the Middle East , Turkey and the Republic of Georgia before I find some belonging as a very unlikely ultra distance runner on the fells and trails of the Cumbrian Lake District.

This book is the book that I wish I'd read close to my diagnosis. It will help people understand what life with bipolar can be like, and it should give some hope to those with a similar diagnosis.

My book is avaliable in Kindle, Paperback and Hardback formats on the Amazon platform.

I really hope people find my book both a comfort and a joy to read.#Bipolar #livingwithbipolar #MentalHealth #livingwellwithbipolar #ultrarunning #birding #Twitching #coping