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My hair is a constant source of frustration. It’s not just the hair loss, thinning, dullness, etc. But also, it’s that it’s exhausting to wash it and pain prevents me from styling it. There are so many losses right now from loss of capabilities to loss of independence that I can’t just cut it all off into a pixie cut. What have you done? #whatdoyoudo #BadHairDay #coping

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Do you collect ephemera?

I have always kept ephemera:) it feels like keeping memories to me. And I struggle A LOT with my memory due to my diagnosis, so every little slip of help is appreciated:)
I keep them in boxes and my journals.
Do you collect ephemera?
And if so, why?
#Journaling #coping #MentalHealth #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #AvoidantPersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Burnout #scrapbook #scrapbooking #BulletJournal

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#Depression #Bipolar #anxiey #coping #PTSD #OCD #ADHD #BPD

i am feeling extremely depressed and exhausted right therapist told me to use my coping skills so i dont try to sleep through the always asleep..i tried some and feel amazing like i conquered my mind and am feeling more comfortable in this very grateful for my therapist and im glad i listened to her..

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Who is your favorite ASMRtist?

If you listen to ASMR…

1). Which channels do you watch for fun?
2). Are there any channels you watch for your mental health?

#question #MentalHealth #coping #DistractMe

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Question movies/series addiction

Dear all,

I have been struggling for years now with watching movies/series as an (as in: at least daily), and I feel so disconnected from myself when I give in. I'd love to have different coping mechanisms, but they feel impossible to make my own.

I guess it has to do with the unique functions of movies/series to me. Could you maybe share your thoughts on what steps I could take/different coping mechanisms that could have similar functions?

• Emotions

o Emotion regulation: I often cry at movies because I can identify/empathize with the people I see.

o Avoiding emotions: When I feel stressed/angry/anxious, this is the most effective way to distract myself from it.

o I'm afraid of what will happen if I stop watching movies, just because I'm not used to it.

• Distraction (which generates energy)

o It's the only coping style I know that really distracts me from things going on (i.e., free time/me-time), but that does energize me. Perhaps also because music and visual effects and emotion etc. are involved, while all I have to do is sit still on my couch...

o Things such as listening to or making music, reading books, exercising, doing puzzles, etc. give less distraction than movies (because I am quickly distracted from the activities) and they provide almost no energy (they rather cost energy).

• Socializing

o I think that I feel quite in general and that movies help with this. In movies there are always the cliché fantastic people, such as mental/spiritual older coaches, "real" friends, "real" love relationships, etc. In real life it's super hard to meet these people. Also because it can take a lot of energy to approach people (introvert, yeey), but also because my standard is high now. How am I ever going to find the great people from movies in real life? And how do I deal with the intensely critical thoughts I now have towards people in real life?

Thank you so much for your thoughts 🖤

#Movies #series #Addiction #coping #Emotions #distraction #Socializing #Loneliness

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Classes of Virtues

#MentalHealth #resilience #coping

Virtue 1: Wisdom and Knowledge

Wisdom and knowledge consists of cognitive strengths that entail the acquisition and use of knowledge.

Virtue 2: Courage

Courage consists of emotional strengths that involve the exercise of will to accomplish goals in the face of opposition, external or internal.

Virtue 3: Humanity

Humanity includes interpersonal strengths that involve tending and befriending others.

Virtue 4: Justice

Justice consists of civic strengths that underlie healthy community life.

Virtue 5: Temperance

Temperance involves strengths that protect against excess.

Virtue 6: Transcendence

Transcendence consists of strengths that forge connections to the universe and provide meaning.

You can refer to this:

The Science of Resilience and Coping | Blog

A platform built on evidence-based principles, delivered by licensed clinicians, coaches making care accessible, effective and scalable.
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How to know if you fall on ADHD/ ADD spectrum or just personality/ bad habits?

Recently I’m noticing my lack of being able to stay on task be easily distracted not very motivated, super disorganized, etc might be potentially something else? Personally I’ve always thought 💭 it’s just a personality trait and bad habits I have to work on, helps when I turn off my phone or try to limit distractions but even then it’s really hard to get a lot done, I’m horrible at time management and using the day to the fullest. It’s hard to know whether it’s my normal or if maybe I do have some symptoms or overlap of adhd/ add?

I’ve only been diagnosed with chronic anxiety/ depression. But I know sometimes people can have multiple disorders.
I know only a psychiatrist or doctor etc can know, but guess just wanted to ask any tips if even if you can be low functioning, high functioning, or low on the symptoms / spectrum if you can still be diagnosed.

I feel some symptoms or signs I’m high on and others I rank low so it’s hard to know if it does apply to me or I just have to work on these areas and it’s just tech brain
🧠 bad habits developed or so on.

Thanks for any advice! Maybe I’ll try out some online tests to see how I rank, and eventually ask a psychiatrist or person if I can find one with all the wait lists.

I guess maybe Im scared to develop any more disorders when I already have a heard enough time coping with mine. But if I do have something it’s better to learn how to treat it than ignore it. Or even if I’m not diagnosed or apply to having add or adhd

But could benefit from cbt or techniques people use to cope with similar symptoms or struggles I have? Thanks for any comments!? Guess I somewhat notice it but have had it since my teens so I figure it’s just a part of my character, hard to know if it’s something else or not. #ADHD #ADD #neurodiverse #Brain #Curious #New #mighty #Advice #help #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Tips #CBT #psychology #counselling #Comments #yourexperience #thanks #confused #coping #struggling

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Any other better coping mechanisms?

So I've been struggling with self-harm again lately and want to find a way to break the cycle I'm stuck in. Any other better coping skills other than fidgets, music, taking a break/walk, journaling, and talking to someone about it????

#Selfharm #Healing #help #ideas #Anxiety #coping #copingskills

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Saying goodbye#greif #coping #Trapped

My cousin had decided to start end of life care.He was the youngest boy of a dozen grandchildren for many years,till one more boy came.His name,Mark.His older brother John.They lived on a farm,in the country,with alot of land.They were adventurous,smart and well mannered.They had girl cousins,alot of them.We all went together in groups of two or Aunt and Uncle always had a set staying over.We giggled and played,giggled and whispered.Always plotting to play and stay longer.We had secrets amongst eachother.Hide n seek,freeze tag,truth or dare,Marco polo,climbing trees,making forts,cowboys and indians,Jail.Finding bugs,dead stuff and killing some stuff.Hot wheels,dinosaurs,Star Wars,E.T.. and that was before puberty struck.We all went different ways for a bit.
I was lucky to vacation with grateful every day for the time with you,Mark.I was able to know you as a young man,not only the little boy.We kept Grandma up that night,us talking.You are, too strong for isn't fair.You can stop and breath.Say the things you need to say.We are all going to be together again,I beleive is all in what You believe Mark.We love you.

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