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    Making The Most Out of My Experiences #AbuseSurvivors

    I have been out of the abusive situations for four years now (this being the fourth year). In that time I have learned a lot about people, myself and life in general. During a moment of reflection and mindfulness I realized how blessed I am to have what I have. Sure I came from a broken home but now I have a family that loves, supports and believes in me no matter what. That means a lot to someone that has been invalidated by her own family. I cannot tell you how many tears I've cried, how many questions I've asked or how many scars I gave myself. I can only share the lessons that I have learned so far with you. Those lessons have taught me to make the most of my experience.

    -Abusive families exist.

    -There is nothing wrong with cutting toxic people out of your life.

    -Your experiences are only a part of you but they do not define you.

    -It is okay to ask for and receive help.

    -It is okay to come forward about your experience. Someone will believe you.

    -It is okay to be scared, angry, confused, hurt or any other emotion. They are valid and deserve space.

    -Families aren't perfect.

    -Time always shows a person's true colors in the end.

    -It is possible to be hurt by someone you trusted but this does not make you a bad person.

    -The abuse was not and never will be your fault.

    -Abuse is a choice, someone chose to hurt you.

    -There are consequences for everything.

    -It is okay to be healing one day and to fall apart the next, this does not make you weak.

    -Healing is not linear.

    -Love does not hurt and leave you traumatized. What happened was not love.

    -You can and will heal.

    -It's important to have a support system.

    -Each day is a new opportunity to heal and move forward.

    -It's okay to validate yourself, you are not selfish.

    -You deserve to be heard.

    -Your presence makes a difference (trust me I attempted suicide)

    I hope these lessons can help someone today. As I keep learning, I will post more. Everyday I am working on myself and slowly getting to where I want to be. Again, please stay safe and reach out for help if you need to. You are not alone. I believe in you. Thanks for being here and for believing in me. I appreciate it.

    #SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #SexualAssault #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Life #Lessons #coping #Hope #Inspiration

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    Any tips for when adjusting to a new dose increase?

    I’m on a pretty low dose of 20mg cipralex but going up to 40mg I think it’s making me extra anxious. Hope it’s okay to talk about meds here.

    Just wanted tips for when it first makes you extra anxious. Or your experience with meds.

    If you feel comfortable sharing if you do take meds what dose you are on or what you find helps you even if you don’t take meds, but you don’t want to share that’s perfectly okay
    Thanks Everyone #meds #Medication #Dose #dosage #heal #Pain #Hope #Advice #yourexperience #coping #Tips #tryingtobehopeful #adjustjng #change


    I find myself obsessively observing my racing thoughts 💭 going to try to empty my mind a bit more and notice less for peacefulness

    It’s hard been having a lot of anxious racing thoughts to more of an extreme lately I will try doing the worry timer exercise I’ve never tried before and noticing or talking in my mind a little less

    It’s good to be self aware of your thoughts but I find lately I’m doing it to an extreme where I can’t stop them

    And I’m not very active either
    And very bad bedtime routine/ sleep schedules / diet etc

    So I hope that adjusting some things will help my anxiousness and mental health right now.

    Wish me luck! Thank you 🙏
    Have a great day everyone sending positive vibes prayers of hope and love to everyone going through a tough time or needing that extra reminder :)
    #anxiousness #nervous #Thoughts #Anxiety #maybeocd #DoingMyBest #Hope #coping #Meditation #emptymind #peace #luck

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    #share your accomplishments with me! lets find the positive in the negative! :D #Positivity

    Life is rough & it's very easy to lose focus of all that you've managed to accomplish, specially when everything feels like it's working against you.

    I want you to tell me some good things you've accomplished or are accomplishing, so I can remind you how awesome you are!!! :D

    When you're feeling overwhelmed, do something healthy to vent & get all the negative feelings out.

    This could be journaling, talking to a friend or loved one or even scribbling on a piece of paper until your arm falls off. Just get those negative feelings out as much as possible in the healthiest manner.

    Then, follow up with a positive action, to bring positive feelings into yourself. My favorite one is making a list of positive things that have recently happened or are currently happening.

    I'll give you an example.

    I'm going through a rough time, but since I've allowed myself to vent in a healthy way (a post on here! :D), it's time to list some good & positive things that have been happening to me.

    I normally do this in my journal, but since it's helped me stay grounded, I thought I'd share this practice with you guys (:

    ~I decided on which college I'm applying to

    ~I decided & am 10000% sure of my major

    ~I gathered all necessary documents for college & confirmed I qualify for application

    ~I'm currently working on my application letter

    ~I have a realistic plan to attend & pay for college

    ~I studied basic music theory & music production

    ~I rebranded & launched new music

    ~I consistently work on music, whether audio or lyrical, every day

    ~I'm comfortable working on a program that once use to drive me to tears

    ~I've been consistent with my medication I'm on a medication that actually works & I feel 100% myself on!

    there's plenty more, but the goal is to list things that are most current & gradually continue until you feel a genuine state of joy, gratitude, clarity or mixture those, no matter how small it is.

    this consistent practice helps me stay focused on my goals & the bigger picture. it's great tool if you have difficulty keeping grounded or a clear perception of reality when highly stressed (:

    I hope this helps & I hope you have a great day!

    #Journaling #Bipolar #BPD #Depression #Anxiety #Stress #coping #Consistency #Tips

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    Living With Three Mental Illnesses

    I was diagnosed with two of my mental illnesses in 2019. Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder a few years ago. It can be a struggle sometimes. I assume I inherited the Bipolar Disorder but I cannot be certain since I know nothing of my medical history since I am adopted. From what I've read though, Bipolar is usually inherited. The emotional ups and downs (literally) of this disorder can be physically and mentally exhausting. My manic and depressed episodes leave me feeling like I can't be stable though this isn't true.

    I feel like I swing between the two states and sometimes I wonder why, since I'm on mood stabilizers. I developed the PTSD from the years of Emotional and Sexual abuse I experienced growing up. When I received that diagnosis (after being in the hospital following a suicide attempt) I didn't really understand. Now I realize it was the right diagnosis.

    The thought that I developed something like that makes me realize how terrified I was and how heinous the abuse was. That it has had a lasting effect on me.

    Borderline Personality Disorder is something I am still researching. The emotional dysfunction just makes the Bipolar worse. I feel like my emotions are all over the place. My reactions are intense. I know this but yet I feel like it triggers the Bipolar. The Bipolar triggers the PTSD which ruins my day. Living with three mental illnesses on a daily basis can be difficult. All the medications and therapy sessions help but some days it's just a lot. The bad mental health days are far in between but sometimes it's a lot to keep up with. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. Wishing you the best.

    #BipolarDisorder #PTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #SexualAssault #Childhoodtrauma #MentalIllness #coping #MentalIlnessStrong #MightyTogether #Life

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    Mindfulness supports resilience

    #MentalHealth #resilience #coping

    Mindfulness practice has a variety of benefits. Helping you build resilience is one of the key benefits to developing a day-to-day mindfulness practice.

    When dealing with stress or anxiety, it can be hard to cope. Your emotions may feel unmanageable or overwhelming.

    Mental health conditions may make it hard to get through times of crisis or healthily handle stress. But mindful coping strategies are available to help you relax and find a state of peace in your life.

    If you seek to become more self-aware and handle stress better, mindfulness practice may be something to consider.

    Mindfulness is about living in the present moment and being intentional. Resilience is defined as bouncing back from adverse life events or recovering quickly from difficulties.

    Resilience also is related to the characteristics that allow you to thrive after an adverse event. Mindfulness and resilience often go hand and hand.

    Research from 2021, evaluated the impact mindfulness-based practice and physical activity have on the development of resilience.

    Findings indicated that mindfulness-based practice could lead to greater levels of individual resilience.

    You can refer to this:

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    Coping strategies

    #MentalHealth #resilience #coping

    Some common coping mechanisms may challenge you to:

    -Lower your expectations.

    -Ask others to help or assist you.

    -Take responsibility for the situation.

    -Engage in problem solving.

    -Maintain emotionally supportive relationships.

    -Maintain emotional composure or, alternatively, expressing distressing emotions.

    -Challenge previously held beliefs that are no longer adaptive.

    -Directly attempt to change the source of stress.

    -Distance yourself from the source of stress.

    -View the problem through a religious perspective.

    Experts agree that coping is a process rather than an event. You may alternate between several of the above coping strategies in order to cope with a stressful event.

    People differ in particular styles of coping or prefer to use certain coping strategies over others. These differences in coping styles usually reflect differences in personality. Rigidity in coping is less likely to help than is flexibility in coping — being able to fit the most appropriate coping strategy to the demands of different situations.

    However, some situations that require coping are likely to elicit (bring out) similar coping responses from most people. For example, work-related stressors are more likely to elicit problem-solving strategies. Stressors that are perceived to be changeable are more likely to elicit problem-solving strategies while stressors perceived to be unchangeable are more likely to elicit social support seeking and emotion-focused strategies.

    What can we do to protect ourselves against stress and enhance our prospects for successful coping? Perhaps the most important strategy is to maintain emotionally supportive relationships with others. A vast field of research demonstrates that emotional support buffers individuals against the negative impact of stress.

    It's especially important to evaluate your overall lifestyle when encountering significant stress. Engage in stress-reducing activities to help your overall approach to coping with stressors. Try to:

    -Get enough good quality sleep.

    -Eat a well-balanced diet.

    -Exercise on a regular basis.

    -Take brief rest periods during the day to relax.

    -Take vacations away from home and work.

    -Engage in pleasurable or fun activities every day.

    -Practice relaxation exercises such as yoga, prayer, meditation or progressive muscle relaxation.

    -Avoid use of caffeine and alcohol.

    You can refer to this:

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    Rewriting Your Trauma

    Writing is a great outlet to help cope with the #PTSD and with everything else. I've been reading a lot of motivational quotes on how we have control of our futures. As trauma survivors, it's hard for us to think that anything positive can come out of what we've been through. I used to think that way too. Though I still have my bad days, where I still get triggered and feel overwhelmed by my trauma, I can now say that I found a coping mechanism that works. An exercise that I tried in therapy was to rewrite my experience. It helped with the nightmares. For example, if I have a nightmare where my abuser is yelling at me and ignoring what I'm saying. I can rewrite it so that we are having a conversation in which I am being heard. This doesn't mean that you can rewrite the past but it does mean that you can rewrite what bothers you and you can have control of your future. Find a coping skill that works for you and use it to your advantage. You deserve to to be happy and not haunted by your past. You can thrive despite what was done to you-don't let the abusers win. Seek help if you must (which is totally okay) but always keep moving. We are here for each other. Remember that. Write through it. I know you can.

    #PTSD #SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #Trauma #Motivation #Writing #coping #Hope #Childhoodtrauma

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